Frequently Asked Questions

Is there some way I can visit or talk with someone about the program?

Absolutely. If you would like to discuss the program by phone, please contact Dr. Katy Mezher.

How are Letters of Recommendation uploaded into the online Application portal?

The online application system will ask you to input three email addresses, one for each of your professional references. Those persons will then receive an email invitation to upload their letter. Plan for this far in advance to avoid inconveniencing the persons writing your letters, and to be confident all letters will be received prior to the Jan 15 due date.

In the system, simply click on "add recommender." Enter the requested details about each of your 3 recommenders. Once your application is submitted you can check the status of your recommendations to know when all letters have been uploaded.

In the system, you can have the requests sent to your references even before your full application is submitted (if you wish).

Are there any special forms that should be printed out for recommendation letters?

No, we do not use any particular form.

Must transcripts be official?

You will need to upload a transcript for each college listed. You can have it sent directly to Miami at and it will then be added to your application.undefinedundefined

Upon matriculation, official copies are required. It is only official if it comes directly from the institution and it has the degree conferred posted to it. Applicants who request a transcript for the application process may also consider requesting a final official one to avoid paying for this twice.

At this time, Miami allows unofficial ones during the application process for a student who has not yet matriculated, although it must have the applicants' name and institution name on it. (Note for current Miami students who have not yet matriculated: the graduate school will not access your DAR as a transcript).

Do you require a Graduate Entrance Exam (GRE)?

No. Students may submit scores but the GRE is not a required admission item.

My GRE is scheduled for December or January, should I wait to send the rest of my materials until I have taken the GRE?

No, you may send your materials at any time to the Graduate School and EDP Department. Be sure to request that your GRE scores be sent to Miami University; Miami's institution code is R1463.

How much does the GRE score factor in the decision making process? 

The GRE is an optional application item. GRE scores are never viewed in isolation. Applicants are accepted based on many qualities including GPA, GRE (if available,) letters of recommendation, interpersonal skills, research and/or practical experiences. A high GRE alone will not automatically get someone into the program, nor will a low score automatically preclude acceptance. There is no minimum GRE required.

How many students are admitted to the school psychology program?

There are usually 10-12 students accepted each year.

Is each student paired up with a faculty member to participate in school psychology research?

Yes, students will work with a faculty research advisor to complete a small group research project. Also, depending on graduate assistantships, students may do research with faculty as part of their graduate assistant duties.

Will applicants be interviewed before being accepted into the program?

Yes, there will be interviews for selected applicants. Applicants will have the opportunity to meet faculty, current school psychology students, as well as tour Miami's campus. Some applicants will be given the opportunity for virtual interviews.

What's it like to be a student in Miami's School Psychology program?

"I loved being able to work in a small cohort throughout the entirety of the program. We grew to rely on each other and it was great to learn new strategies and bounce ideas off of each other as well as have a community for encouragement! We still communicate almost daily in our new roles and having that support system has been crucial to first-year job success. I also appreciated the connections that Miami's program offers with school districts in the area. They have a great network and it is easy to connect with other professionals whether it is to shadow or when looking for a job." - Jessica Kantor, School Psychology Program Alum

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