Attendance Policies

Consistent with the Miami University Graduate Student Handbook Part 1, Section 4a, “Every student is expected to attend every class session for which the student is duly registered.” In this hybrid/online program, this attendance policy is applicable to the live course sessions and online web-conferences that occur at scheduled times. Because there are limited live sessions and scheduled online meetings, the importance of these events is more significant than in traditional courses. Instructors may remove (drop) any student from a courses if s/he fails to attend the first class meeting (live session).

Course Attendance: Live sessions

Attendance at the live session is required for all students. Instructors for each course may choose to incorporate various types of course activities during the sessions, thus any absence from these sessions diminishes the learning opportunity for SEOH students and may impact the final grade for the course.

Student Responsibilities Regarding Absence

Absence from scheduled events in the SEOH courses is strongly discouraged. Scheduled dates of the live course sessions are provided via the SEOH website. In the event that a student is aware of a conflict that will prevent attendance at a session, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor for the course and discuss the expected absence PRIOR to registering for the course.

Absence from course sessions in which a graded activity occurs will require completion of the missed work by the stated deadline. Additional work or a scheduled appointment with the instructor may be required to address any deficiency caused by the absence.

In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Notify the instructor of the absence in a timely manner, and
  2. Actively seek information regarding the options available for make-up work

Weather and Other Emergency Closing Procedures

Weather and emergency closing procedures apply to the scheduled live sessions. In the event of a weather or other emergency closing of the Miami University Voice of America Learning Center, the SEOH program sessions will also be canceled.

If circumstances require cancellation of the SEOH course live sessions for reasons other than a facility closing, an announcement will be sent to all students who are currently registered for an SEOH course using the online course management system and, if possible, on the SEOH website.

Announcements regarding University-wide weather and other emergency closings will be available on the University website and/or myMiami. The Miami regional campuses website is

In the event of a weather of emergency cancellation of an SEOH live session, an alternate videoconferencing session for each course may be scheduled for the week immediately following the canceled session. The specific details of the alternate session will be determined in consultation with the instructor and an announcement will be delivered via email to all enrolled students.