Student Teaching in China

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

A unique and awe-inspiring look into the culture and education of the Chinese people. Students will teach in English in middle schools or high schools in Dalian, a major financial center in northeast China and a popular tourist destination. In addition, a new program is being cultivated in Beijng. Knowing some basic Mandarin Chinese phrases will enhance your living experience.

Program details and costs: 16 week program; 8 weeks student teaching in Ohio followed by 8 weeks in China. Spring semester only. Open to students in the Middle Childhood Education and Adolescent and Young Adult programs. Candidates will have experience in both domestic and international school systems, which will highlight their competence, flexibility, and dedication to becoming a global teacher. The cost is comparable to living on Miami’s campus.

Opportunities: The adventure begins as you land in Beijing and travel throughout China before beginning your teaching responsibilities. You’ll experience for yourself a nation that is reshaping the economic and political landscape around the world.


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Cost Comparison:

Expenses Oxford Campus China
Register: 15 hours undergraduate/12 hours graduate Regular tuition Regular tuition plus $1200 fee for student teaching abroad
Housing $500-800 range/ semester Provided on campus at minimal cost
Flight/transportation to and from Oxford Varies per student $2500 range
Travel while abroad Approx.  $1000/month
Food/meal plan Depends on meal plan- approx. $2500/ semester Approx. $2000
Clothing/dress code Business casual Business casual
Teaching supplies Minimal- per student choice Provided in China
Insurance/health care Parent's health plan or student health insurance HTH Insurance – Approx. $10.50/week
Passport/Visa None Passport $100 Visa/additional permits – costs vary
Medical Tetanus shot, other shots as needed Check with Student Health Services