EHS Summer

Czech Republic

Comparing U.S. and European Schools

Miami students

When: May, 2023

Credits: 4

EDT 455, Comparing U.S. and European School Systems, is a course that provide Miami "Global" or "Capstone" credit, but not both. This course provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates who are planning to enter the teaching profession or interested in comparative education. During May of 2023, students will participate in lectures and discussions about U.S. and European culture and educational systems, conduct personal observations of European classrooms and collaboration with European pre-service teachers. This course takes place in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Students will actively engage professionally and personally with European students and educators.


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Health in The Gambia

The Gambia

Credits: KNH 402 and 453 or 699 (6 credits) Fulfills Global or Capstone Requirement

Students will experience first hand many perspectives of health in a developing country, and consider how healthcare is delivered when resources are scarce, understand context surrounding the complexity of health care in a poor country with both acute and chronic health care needs, engage with learners from different countries (many health care providers are from different countries in Africa as well as different countries around the world), and reflect on their initial expectations and what may surprise them about health in The Gambia.

Visit Health Professionals at:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • National Nutrition Agency
  • Medical Research Clinic
  • Francis Small Hospital in Banjul
  • Kaiaf Health Clinic
  • Eye and Dental Clinics
  • Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
  • St. John’s School for the Deaf
  • Peace Corps
  • Bundung Hospital for Women, Infants and Children


  • Overnight at nature reserve
  • Boat ride on Gambia River to Juffreh, home of Kunta Kinte

Open to all majors!

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ELL Summer Camp in Luxembourg (MUDEC)

building in Luxembourg
This non-credit bearing study abroad course, MUDEC ELL Summer Camp, consists of 2 one-week camps taught by Miami University students to a group of 30-50 Luxembourg primary and middle school students.

The primary purpose of the camp will be to engage students enrolled in the International School of Differdange and Esch to improve their English language skills while engaged in a series of theme-based interactive activities directed by a small group of Miami University students. Each week-long camp (1 each for a different age group) will last 5 days and will include activities connected to a weekly theme (e.g., The American Experience). The Friday afternoon of each week will involve a culminating presentation to family members and the Differdange community of the activities and content learned during the week.

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Intensive Italian Language and Early Childhood Education

This program, held in the beautiful city of Reggio Emilia, offers you the opportunity to study the Italian language and Early Childhood Education in Italy under ideal conditions, plus the opportunity to experience Italian culture in the most natural way.

Questions please contact the Program Director
Andrea Righi, Associate Professor of Italian, or Scott Sander at