I. Academic Appeals Board


SECTION B: Operational Procedures

ARTICLE 1: Mission of the Academic Appeals Board

1.1: To adjudicate all formal student academic grievances at the divisional level in the College of Education, Health and Society. 

ARTICLE 2: The Operational Organization of the Committee

2.1: MEMBERSHIP: One representative selected from each department pursuant to individual departmental governance procedures. 

2.2: ADMINISTRATIVE MEMBERSHIP: The Dean or Dean's designee shall serve as convener and as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the committee. 

2.3: MEETINGS: Meetings shall be held at the request of the Dean or Dean's designee whenever a formal student academic grievance has been filed with the Dean's office. 

2.31: QUORUM: A quorum shall be a simple majority of the membership. 

2.32: VOTING: Each representative shall have voting authority. The Dean or the Dean's designee shall vote only for the purposes of breaking a tie vote. 

ARTICLE 3: Operations and Procedures 

3.1: REPORTING: The Dean or Dean's designee shall provide written summaries of the Committee's findings to the student, the faculty member, and to the respective Department Chair. The Dean's Office is responsible for archiving these documents. 

3.2: APPEALS: The Academic Appeals Board is the final level of appeal for student grievances within the College of Education, Health and Society. 

Last revised April 2008.