4.0 Academic Departmental Administration

The faculty of a department entrusts certain administrative functions to a colleague serving as Chair of the department.


4.1 Appointment of Chairs: When a vacancy exists in the position of chair, it is filled either from within the department, within the University, or through a national search. In the case of an internal search, the department, in conjunction with the Dean, will decide on a procedure which results in the forwarding of a recommendation of departmental preferences to the Dean. In the case of a national search, a prescribed procedure shall be used.
  1. The Dean receives nominations derived according to departmental procedures from the Department and appoints a search committee, consisting of four members of the Department (voting), one member from a related discipline (voting), and a department chair from a different EHS department, who will chair the Committee (non-voting).
  2. Evaluations of each candidate are solicited from each member of the search committee and from department faculty.
  3. Application materials of all finalists for vacancies will be submitted to the Dean for review. In addition, the Dean may request to see the materials of all applicants. Each finalist will have an interview with the Dean or the Dean's designee as well as with the search committee.
  4. The Search Committee provides the Dean and the Department with a qualitative evaluation of no more than three recommended candidates, and the Dean requests a recommendation from the Department concerning the candidates proposed by the Search Committee. The Dean consults with the Department about the candidate to be recommended and then forwards the recommendation to the Provost.

4.2 Chair Annual Evaluation and Salary Procedures: Each Chair will submit an Annual Report of Professional Activities to the Dean. The Dean will also consult the report of the EHS Faculty Committee for the Evaluation of Administrators when such a report exists. The Dean will meet with each Chair to review the Chair's annual report and evaluate both professional and departmental goals. The Dean will submit, to the Chair, a written copy of the Chair's evaluation and salary recommendations based upon the above procedures.

Early in the fifth year of a department Chair's appointment, the Dean will consult with the Chair regarding reappointment or resignation as Chair. If the Chair wishes to stand for reappointment, a fifth-year summative evaluation will be conducted by the EHS Faculty Committee on Evaluation of Administrators. If the Chair is not recommended for reappointment, or if the Chair resigns the position, the Dean will initiate a Department Chair search according to specified procedures.