XI. CAEP Steering Committee

ARTICLE I: The Mission of the Committee

1.1: MISSION: The CAEP Steering Committee brings together key stakeholders in the professional education unit to coordinate and lead activities related to NCATE accreditation. Primarily, this Committee is a working committee. 

1.2: SPECIFIC MISSION: The CAEP Steering Committee examines each of the five CAEP Standards. The Committee considers issues related to content and pedagogical knowledge, clinical partnerships and practice, candidate quality, recruitment and selectivity, program impact, and provider quality assurance and continuous improvement.

ARTICLE 2: The Operational Organization of the Committee

2.1: MEMBERSHIP: The CAEP Steering Committee members include Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Program Coordinators, the Director of Partnership Initiatives, the Director of Field and Student Teaching, and the CAEP Coordinator from the College of Education, Health and Society; in addition, members also include representatives from Fine Arts (art and music), Arts and Science (Associate Dean and representatives from the content areas), and K-12 Colleges. 

2.2: CHAIR OF THE COMMITTEE: The chair of the Committee is the CAEP Coordinator. 

2.3: MEETINGS: The CAEP Coordinator determines the number and times for meetings each semester. 

2.4: SPECIAL SESSION: The CAEP Coordinator may call special sessions of the Committee when deemed necessary and with three days advance notice. 

2.5: AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: At least three working days before the Committee meets, an agenda will be distributed to the membership. The order of discussion points will be outlined in the agenda.

ARTICLE 4: Reporting Committee Action

MINUTES: Minutes of each Committee meeting will be recorded and reviewed at the next Committee meeting as part of the agenda. 

Last revised November, 2014.