V. Committee on Promotion and Tenure

ARTICLE 1: The Mission of Committee 

1.1: GENERAL MISSION: The EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure is an advisory body to the Dean, College of Education, Health and Society. 


1.21: The EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure reviews faculty applications for promotion and tenure and makes recommendations to the Dean. 

ARTICLE 2: The Operational Organization of the Committee 

2.1: MEMBERSHIP: The EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure consists of one elected tenured faculty representative, excluding chairs, from each department. In cases where LCPLs are being evaluated for promotion at the divisional level, one Senior LCPL from EHS will also be elected by the division. The EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion to Professor consists of one elected full professor representative, excluding chairs, from each department. Faculty members seeking promotion and/or tenure are not eligible to serve.

2.2: ELECTION OF FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES: According to each department’s procedures, the department nominates two tenured faculty members, excluding the chairs, to stand for election to the EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure. According to each department’s procedures, the department nominates a full professor faculty member, excluding the chair, to stand for election to the EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion to Professor.

In a subsequent divisional election, one tenured faculty representative from each department is elected to serve on the Promotion and Tenure Committee, and one full professor representative from each department is elected to serve on the Promotion to Professor Committee for staggered two-year academic terms. In cases where LCPLs are being evaluated for promotion, all Senior LCPL faculty within the division will be eligible to be nominated for the EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure, and one will be elected via a divisional election to be added to EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure.

2.3: CHAIR OF THE COMMITTEE: The Dean shall chair the Advisory Committee. 


2.41: REGULAR MEETING TIMES: The Dean will establish regular Advisory Committee meeting times according to the University calendar for Promotion and Tenure decisions. 

2.42: SPECIAL SESSIONS: The Dean may call special sessions of the Advisory Committee when deemed necessary and with three days advance notice. 

2.43: QUORUM: A quorum will be a simple majority of the established membership of the Advisory Committee. 

2.44: AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: At least three working days before the Advisory Committee meets an agenda will be distributed to the membership. The order of business will be outlined in the agenda. 

2.45: PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES: The Advisory Committee will follow Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedures. 

2.46: VOTING: Each department representative is expected to participate fully in the discussion of candidates. Voting, when necessary, is by membership of the faculty with a simple majority necessary to affirm a proposal. 

2.47: MINORITY STATEMENTS: Minority statements may be submitted by designate Advisory Committee members should they so desire. These statements are recorded in the minutes and become a permanent record of the proceedings.

ARTICLE 3: Reporting Committee Action

3.1: MINUTES: Minutes of each Advisory Committee meeting will be recorded and reviewed at the next Advisory Committee meeting as part of the agenda. A permanent filing of these minutes is mandated by University Policy. These minutes are open and available to faculty upon request. 

3.2: REPORTS TO FACULTY AND DEPARTMENTS: The Dean will inform the applicant and the applicant's Department Chair when deliberations have concluded. 

3.3: REPORTS TO DIVISIONAL FACULTY: The EHS Faculty Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure will submit to the EHS divisional faculty an academic year summary report of its major activities.

Last revised April 2009.