VIII. Committee for Advancement of Teaching and Committee for Advancement of Research


1.1:      GENERAL MISSION: Part of the college mission is to create exemplary programs and produce scholarship that contributes to children, Colleges, families and community. Consistent with this framework, the mission guiding these committees is to support the Dean's Office by advancing the teaching and scholarship of EHS faculty.

1.2:      SPECIFIC MISSION: To advise the Dean on faculty professional development and forward recommendations for faculty awards for teaching and scholarship. Faculty awards may include but not be limited to this listing.

1.21:    Assistant Professor Research Appointment

1.22:    Richard T. Delp Outstanding Faculty Member Award

1.23:    EHS Research Seed Grants

1.24:    Eloise Martin Instructional Grants

1.25:    Joyce Barnes Farmer Guest Professorships


2.1:      MEMBERSHIP: The membership for the committee for the Advancement of Teaching consists of one full-time, tenure track or TCPL faculty member from each of the college departments; the Committee for the Advancement of Research consists of one full-time tenure track faculty member chosen according to each department's procedures, for staggered two-year academic terms.

2.2:      ALTERNATE REPRESENTATION: Each department shall also identify an alternate department representative who may vote in the representative's absence. The alternate serves a two-year term. In the event that both department representatives are absent for a meeting, the department chair may designate a special alternate to represent the department and vote at the meeting.

2.3:      ADMINISTRATIVE REPRESENTATION: The Dean or the Dean's designee serves as ex-officio, non-voting member of the committees.

2.4:      CONFLICT OF INTEREST: When there is a perceived conflict of interest, the Committee member will be replaced by the department alternate for the remainder of the year.

2.5:      STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: When and if the committee chooses, it may invite either through election or appointment, undergraduate and/or graduate student representation on the committee for a term of one academic year.

2.6:      CHAIR: The Chair of each Committee is elected from among that year's membership at the first regular meeting of the Committee in the fall term of each academic year.

2.7:      MEETINGS

2.71:    REGULAR MEETING TIMES: The committees meet early in the academic year to set the agenda for the year and to prepare the EHS Awards booklet. For the remainder of the year, the committees meet as needed to determine grant and award recipients.

2.72:    SPECIAL SESSIONS: Special sessions are called as needed to consider additional awards or other committee business.

2.73:    RECORDER: The EHS Dean will be asked to provide a recorder for the committees. The chair of each committee may appoint a substitute recorder when necessary.

2.74:    AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: The committees’ agendas are determined by the submission of proposals for grants and awards, as well as by other committee business. The dean’s designee and/or the chair will draft an agenda for an upcoming meeting and submit the agenda, minutes of previous meetings and all appendixes to the committee at least three (3) working days in advance of the meetings. The committee's order of business will be to proceed through the agenda as listed unless a motion and a majority vote to amend the order of business alter the order.

2.75:    QUORUM AND VOTING: All voting members must be present when determining grant and award recipients. A quorum is a simple majority, which is required to discuss and vote on all committee business.


3.1:      The Dean's decision on award recipients is final.


4.1:      MINUTES: Written copies of the minutes will be submitted to the committees before its scheduled meeting.

4.2:      REPORTS TO DEPARTMENTS: Copies of award letters will be sent to department chairs and committee members.


4.31:    The EHS Awards Booklet describing awards, grants, and containing the call for proposals will be distributed to faculty / departments at the beginning of each academic year.

4.32:    Letters of award will be sent to each award recipient from the Dean. Reports to award applicants will be made when the award recipient decisions are final.

4.33:    The committee chair will submit a summary report by May 15th for the academic year to the Dean's office for transmission to the EHS faculty. This report should highlight the committee's action for the year.

4.34:    Memos announcing recipients of awards will be periodically sent to the faculty. The Dean's Office is responsible for archiving these documents.

Last revised November 2014.