IV. Faculty Advisory Council


1.1:      GENERAL MISSION: The EHS Faculty Advisory Council is an advisory body to the Dean, College of Education, Health and Society.


1.21:    The EHS Faculty Advisory Council considers such items as budget, program development, professional and community relationships, and other items of mutual interest.


2.1:      MEMBERSHIP: The Faculty Advisory Council consists of one elected faculty representative from each department and may include others invited by the Council and/or the Dean.  Designated members may send alternates to the Faculty Advisory Council meetings when necessary.

2.2:      ELECTION OF FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES: According to each department’s procedures, one tenured, tenure eligible or TCPL faculty member, excluding the department chair, is elected to serve on the Faculty Advisory Council for staggered two-year academic terms.

2.3:      STUDENT REPRESENTATION: One student representative from an undergraduate program and one from a graduate program in EHS will be selected, along with alternates. Their selection will be by nomination from professors, chairpersons, and professional societies within the college. They will serve for one academic year.

2.4:      CHAIR OF THE COMMITTEE: The Dean or the Dean's designee will chair the Council.

2.5:      MEETINGS:

2.51:    REGULAR MEETING TIMES: The Dean will establish regular Council meeting times and publish these times for the faculty in the fall and spring of each academic year .The Council will meet at least once each semester during the academic year.

2.52:    SPECIAL SESSIONS: The Dean or the Dean's designee may call special sessions of the Council when deemed necessary and with three days advance notice.

2.53:    QUORUM: A quorum will be a simple majority of the established membership of the Council.

2.54:    AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: At least three working days before the Council meets, an agenda will be distributed to the membership. The order of business will be outlined in the agenda.

2.55:    PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES: The Council will follow Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedures.

2.56:    VOTING: Voting is by designated membership as determined by the Dean. Visiting members are non-voting. A simple majority is necessary to affirm a proposal.

2.57:    MINORITY STATEMENTS: Minority statements may be submitted by designate Council members should they so desire. These statements are recorded in the minutes and become a permanent record of the proceedings.


3.1:      APPEALS PROCEDURES: If an action by the EHS Faculty Advisory Council is not clearly a majority opinion, and significant minority concern exists, the Council can: (1) reconsider the issue at a future meeting, and/or (2) submit the issue to EHS faculty for resolution.


4.1:      MINUTES: Minutes of each Council meeting will be recorded and reviewed at the next Council meeting as part of the agenda. A permanent filing of these minutes is mandated by University Policy. These minutes are open and available to faculty upon request.

4.2:      REPORTS TO DEPARTMENTS/ADVISORS/STUDENTS: The Council may elect to inform the faculty, students, and others of policies or issues when deemed necessary.

4.3:      REPORTS TO EHS FACULTY: The Council will submit to the EHS faculty an academic year summary report of its major actions. This report may be transmitted electronically and will be published by May l5th of each academic year. The Dean's Office is responsible for archiving these documents.

Last revised November 2014.