Policy Manual and Handbook


The Faculty of the College of Education, Health and Society (hereinafter referred to as college or EHS) assembled in the EHS Meeting and constituted as provided below is the ultimate deliberative and legislative body of EHS. The Faculty considers and adopts academic policies and procedures that implement the missions and goals of the college as an academic division of Miami University as set forth in the Policy Manual and Handbook of EHS (EHSPMH), subject to such limitations on its prerogatives and authority as may be defined by the University Senate, Faculty Assembly, and the Board of Trustees and as may be set forth in the Miami University Policy Library (hereinafter referred to as MU Policy Library). In such incidents where the EHS Policy Manual and Handbook is silent on an issue or procedure, the MU Policy Library takes precedence.

1.1 The Dean, the chief academic officer of EHS, presides over the EHS Meeting. In the event of the Dean's absence, a designate of the Dean shall preside.
1.2 The EHS Meeting:
  1. Regular sessions of the EHS Meeting shall ordinarily be convened at least once each regular semester of the academic year, and the dates of such sessions shall be announced to the faculty at the beginning of the semester. At least ten working days prior to a regular session, an agenda and appropriate explanatory materials will be distributed to the faculty.
  2. Additional sessions may be called by the Dean on the Dean's initiative or by faculty initiative. A meeting called by faculty initiative shall require a written petition, delivered to the Dean, signed by no fewer than twenty voting members of the EHS Meeting. The petition shall specify the topic or topics for consideration and any actions proposed in the form of motions. Notice of an additional meeting shall be given to faculty at least four working days prior to the meeting. An agenda and appropriate explanatory material shall accompany the notice. In the case of a meeting called by faculty petition, the agenda must match the items on the petition.
  3. The Dean shall ensure that minutes of the EHS Meeting are recorded and published, and that a copy of the minutes of each session accompanies the agenda of the next session sent to each faculty member.
  4. Each passed action taken by the EHS Meeting resulting in a change in policy and/or procedure shall be recorded in the EHSPMH within 30 days of the date of action.

1.3 Voting eligibility of the EHS Meeting shall extend to all tenured and tenure-eligible members, and Teaching Professors, Clinical Professors, Lecturers, and Clinical Lecturers (TCPL) faculty, instructors, and long-term visiting faculty members (more than one year of service) of the EHS Faculty. Unless a mail or electronic ballot is ordered, only those eligible and in-person at sessions of the EHS Meeting may vote. The tallying of any ballot shall be the responsibility of the Governance Committee. There shall be no proxy voting. Faculty on early retirement retain their voting eligibility.
1.4 A quorum, defined as a minimum of 20% of EHS voting members, must be in attendance in order to conduct official business. A quorum refers to the number of voting members present and not to the number voting. The "number of voting members " shall be determined by the Dean, announced at the first meeting of each academic year, and shall be in effect for that academic year. By a two-thirds vote of the voting members present, the above quorum minimum of 20% of the EHS voting faculty may be set aside and votes taken on business brought before the faculty. Any motion proposed through this procedure must receive positive votes equal to at least 15% of the "number of voting members".
1.5 The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, wherever they are applicable, shall govern the EHS Meeting in all cases in which they are consistent with this document or with any special rules of order the EHS Meeting may adopt. The Dean may appoint a parliamentarian to assist in conducting the meetings.
1.6 The customary business of the EHS Meeting shall be:
  1. to serve as a forum for the discussion of University affairs as they may relate to or affect the college and its mission, programs, faculty, staff, and students.
  2. to deliberate and adopt academic policies and procedures for the college, including but not limited to:
    • establishing, reviewing or changing the Mission of EHS;
    • reviewing, changing or approving curricula, degree, or program requirements;
    • establishing and interpreting faculty tenure and/or promotion criteria and standards (MU Policy Library). Teaching, Clinical Professors and Lecturer (TCPL) faculty may not vote on matters involving the promotion and/or tenure of faculty in tenure-eligible ranks);
    • developing and interpreting faculty, administrative, and program evaluation policy.
  3. to deliberate and adopt resolutions on matters deemed by the Dean or the membership to be of importance or concern.
1.7 The EHS Meeting may include activities to delegate specific tasks to specific groups.
1.8 The EHS Meeting may include activities to approve such committees, including Standing and Ad Hoc committees, as are necessary for the orderly conduct of its business, and shall require timely, regular reports from such committees. The EHS Meeting shall dissolve committees deemed no longer necessary to the orderly conduct of its business.