IX. Technology Committee


1.1:      GENERAL MISSION: The Technology Committee is advisory to the Dean and charged with facilitating faculty, staff, and student technology development.


1.21:    The Technology Committee will assist faculty in continuing advances in computer technology and related software.

1.22:    The Technology Committee will regularly review and update the statement of the EHS computer policy and college computing plans.

1.23:    The Technology Committee will coordinate EHS computer policy and planning with the University.

1.24:    The Technology Committee will provide leadership in specifying EHS computer policies, developing and revising as necessary an EHS computer plan.

1.25:    The Technology Committee will maintain appropriate conceptual and structural linkages with University computer planning and policy formation.


2.1:      MEMBERSHIP: The membership of the Technology Committee consists of one full-time faculty member from each of the college departments, one classified staff member from EHS, the Director of Technology for EHS, and the Computer and Technology Specialist for EHS. Faculty and staff members will serve staggered two-year academic terms.

2.2:      STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: When and if the Technology Committee chooses, it may invite, either through election or appointment, undergraduate and/or graduate student representation on the committee.

2.3:      ADMINISTRATIVE REPRESENTATION: The Dean or the Dean's designee serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Technology Committee. The Dean's designee provides essential secretarial assistance with the agenda and minutes.

2.4:      ALTERNATE REPRESENTATIVE(S): Each department shall identify an alternate department representative. The alternate serves a two-year term. An alternate for the Classified staff representative is also identified with the same privileges as department representatives.

2.5:      CHAIRPERSON: The Dean, the Dean's designate, or the Director of Technology shall convene the first meeting of the academic year. Normally, the Director of Technology serves as the chair of the committee. However, the committee may select an alternate chair when the Director is absent.

2.51:    The Director of Technology, as Chairperson of the Committee, serves one academic year with renewal to be determined by the full committee in each subsequent year.

2.52:    The Chairperson shall retain his/her voting status.

2.6:      RECORDER: The Dean or the Dean's designate shall serve as the recorder for the year. The Chairperson may appoint a substitute recorder when necessary.

2.7:      MEETINGS:

2.71:    REGULAR MEETING TIMES: The Technology Committee will establish its schedule of meetings at the first meeting of the fall term each academic year. The Committee will meet a minimum of once each semester.

2.72:    SPECIAL SESSIONS: Special sessions of the Committee may be called by the Chair and the Dean's designee when important business necessitates.

2.73:    QUORUM: A quorum is present when a simple majority of the voting representatives are in attendance at a regularly scheduled meeting or a special session.

2.74:    AGENDA AND ORDER OF BUSINESS: The Dean's designee and the Chair will draft an agenda for an upcoming meeting and submit the agenda, minutes of previous meeting and all appendixes to the committee at least three (3) working days in advance of the meeting.

2.75:    PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES: The Technology Committee will follow Robert's Rules of Order during all of its proceedings.

2.76:    VOTING: A majority vote consists of simple majority on any motion before the Committee. The Dean's designee will record the voting pattern as affirmative, negative and abstain.

2.77:    MINORITY STATEMENTS: Any department representative may request that the minutes show the basis for a minority opinion. This opinion will be so recorded with the understanding that the department and the final vote will not be identified.


3.1:      The Committee will consider appeals or re-submissions of items only when, in the opinion of the Chair and the Dean's designee, the appeal is warranted. Whenever such action is taken, it is reported to the full committee at the committee's next meeting.


4.1:      MINUTES: Minutes of each meeting of the Technology Committee will be taken by the Dean's designee. These minutes will be distributed with the agenda according to section 2.74.

4.2:      REPORT TO DEPARTMENTS/ADVISORS/STUDENTS: When necessary and following Committee action on an item, the Director and/or the Dean's designee will so inform the party/parties accordingly.

4.3:      REPORTS TO EHS FACULTY: On behalf of the committee, the Director and/or the Dean's designee will file a summary of the committee's academic year's actions by May 15th of each year. This report will be submitted to the Dean's office for transmission to the EHS Faculty and others if so warranted. The Dean's office is responsible for archiving these documents.



5.11:    Periodically the Committee shall review their mission statement for its appropriateness, consistency, and effectiveness for the purpose of making recommendations to the EHS Faculty and the department(s) concerned regarding their possible action. The Committee may appoint subcommittees or hold hearings in order to accomplish this task.


5.21:    The Committee may be asked to review proposals for new or revised programs and courses for the purpose of making recommendations on technological aspects.

Last revised April 2008.