Marketing and Communications

Mcguffey Hall
Phillips Hall


  • Digital Display Screens (McGuffey, Phillips, Laws)
  • Web Content
  • Printed Materials
  • Email Newsletters
  • Faculty Promotion/PR
  • Alumni Recognition
  • Student Recognition
  • Miscellaneous Projects
  • Social Media
  • Podcasts



Marketing submissions will be included on the digital displays located throughout McGuffey, Phillips, and Laws Halls. This news includes faculty publications, awards, announcements, internship opportunities, stories, etc. Submit through the Formstack Marketing Request Form. A 48 hour notice is required for digital display requests.

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EHS produces a number of printed pieces through the graphic design help of UCM. Departments also have access to this service and will be billed for services on an hourly basis. The EHS marketing team works on and covers the expenses of the following items:

  • Viewbook/EHS Overview
  • One-pagers for each program
  • Admissions Road Facts sheet
  • Fall mailer – topic/format varies
  • Misc. pieces – commencement program, event materials, etc.


Reworking all program pages to streamline site, reduce wording, and make more visual/readable. This includes adding more video content and updating all information. Each department is responsible for the content on their pages. To request website changes please fill out the form below. 

Department Contacts for Website Updates:
EDL - Angela Gentry
EDP - Mary Denney
EDT - Cheryl Birkenhauer
FSW - Bonnie Crabtree
KNH - Anne Reed
SLM - Monica Streit


  1. Alumni and Friends Newsletter – 4x/yr (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall). Two versions – News from Phillips/Laws and News from McGuffey.
  2. Internal EHS Newsletter – 12x/yr (Distributed the first of each month). Distribution ~200 people – all EHS faculty and staff  EHS Internal Newsletter is published on the first of every month. Submissions must be in 3 days prior.
  3. EHS Impact – 12x/yr Distribution ~8K. Deans from other Colleges of Ed, Ohio School Superintendents, Treasurers and Principals
  4. Parent/Family Newsletter. Put out by Parent office. EHS contributes ~8x/yr with EHS specific content

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Travel Mug Initiative - send travel mug with notes of congratulations from dean when alumni get promotions, awards, good news, etc.

Also include information in alumni e-newsletter.

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

UCM Manages the EHS channels for facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Tag EHS (@MiamiOHehs) in your social media posts to get them shared on our channels.

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Acknowledge your students for their work on a research project, a special award received or presentation at a conference, etc. The Merit award will alert the university of their achievement and notification will be sent to their hometown media. Please also fill out the marketing request form so that EHS can acknowledge their accomplishments too.

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Building up content for EHS YouTube channel playlists as well as video content for website and social media distribution.

Types of content we’d love to include on the channel:

  • Program Videos
  • Faculty Profile Videos
  • Day in the Life Student Videos
  • Short (2-5 min) topical videos or demonstrations
  • Student or Alumni testimonials
  • Career Info



Marketing assists with various other projects as well. Some examples:

• wall art graphics • display stands • promotional items • coordinating photo shoots with UCM • marketing consulting

Let us know your ideas and we can go from there.



Reframe is the original podcast from EHS. Here we explore the transformative and progressive work being done across the university and throughout the community. Hear insightful interviews and exclusive stories about the faculty, students, and alumni who are addressing some of the most critical issues of our time.

Part of the Educate to Liberate Initiative. Denise Taliaferro Baszile hosts. Four-part series. The premise of Educate 8:46 is simple--what can we teach and learn in 8 minutes and 46 seconds (the amount of time that officer Derrick Chauvin had his knee on the neck of George Floyd) that can support the struggle against white supremacy and anti-blackness and all related inter-systemic injustices.