This is Reframe: EHS podcast highlights research in education and health.

Reframe, the original podcast from the College of Education, Health and Society (EHS), explores the transformative and progressive work being done across the university and throughout the community. Hear insightful interviews and exclusive stories about the faculty, students, and alumni who are addressing some of the most critical issues of our time. 

Reframe, The College of Education, Health and Society. Stories about the Miami faculty, students, and alumni who are building a better society. An original EHS podcast. Teaching and learning, diversity and equality, health and wellness, civic engagement

We are calling this audio series “Reframe” because in the ongoing pursuit of collaboration, diversity, wellness and social justice, there will always be a need for fresh perspectives and new ideas,” said James Loy, who is the voice conducting the interviews.

So far, the podcast has highlighted the importance of a unique community-based partnership between Miami students and local high-needs urban schools, why courtroom custody battles are becoming a serious issue for many transgender children and their families, and how the disconnect between schools and politicians is creating a broken educational policy system.

Other topics have included the growing importance of teaching STEM to young learners, a new theory that explores the interconnected intricacies of family dynamics, the benefits of building a community garden in low-income neighborhoods, and much more.


James Loy

James Loy

Loy, a member of the EHS communications team, worked in radio prior to joining Miami in 2016. His on-air and production experience include markets in Colorado, Denver and New York. Currently, he is on air at Mix 94.9 FM in Cincinnati.