How to Listen

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A step by step guide to how to listen & subscribe (it’s free)

Reframe is currently available on our website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Reframe is also available on most podcast platforms. 

  1. Launch in Apple Podcasts
    If you’re on a computer you might need to click on the blue “View in iTunes” button
  2. Click Subscribe
    On an iPhone you can use the Apple Podcast App (it’s the purple one). 
  3. Rate & Review
    Reviews give us feedback on how you like the show and they also greatly improve our show’s searchability and ranking in iTunes.
    1. Click to open up the Reframe page in iTunes/ApplePodcasts. If that link takes you to the iTunes web page, click the blue “View in iTunes” button.
    2. Click “Ratings & Reviews” tab
    3. Click “Write a Review” button and enter your review. Be sure to include the stars on the right of the title of your review.

Why Listen

 Reframe Podcast

  • Get Inspired
  • Stay educated and informed
  • Convenient
  • Ad-free
  • Professional Growth