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About ARAC at Miami University

The America Reads Challenge started as a national literacy campaign initiated in 1996 by the Clinton administration. Its goal was to mobilize Americans to ensure that children read well in hopes of improving literacy across the nation. The program at Miami was co-initiated by the offices of Student Leadership and Service-Learning and Financial Aid to foster enriching experiences between college students and local school-age children providing the personal attention they need as they learn reading and math skills. Miami’s commitment to this venture has since been nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

America Reads at Miami University has developed partnerships with 10 area schools in four local school districts: Hamilton City, Talawanda City, Middletown Schools, and Cincinnati Public Schools. Tutors work in one or more of these schools with children in grades K-8. Miami University continues to be a dedicated supporter of the America Reads America Counts Challenges and is excited about the thought of giving back to our community through this opportunity. 

Miami College of Education, Health, and Society is always looking for dedicated role models across Colleges and disciplines to serve in our communities and schools and expose children to a variety of educational, scholarly, and professional possibilities. America Reads America Counts is open to and encourages to ALL students at Miami University eligible for work study to apply regardless of major or discipline.

About Miami ARAC Tutors

Miami Universities America Reads America Counts Program strives to recruit talented and committed Miami University students to work one-on-one and with small groups of children at various schools and afterschool programs in our local community. The objectives for America Reads at Miami University is to foster and enhance both tutors and their recipients twofold; for tutors, ARAC strives to develop student leadership and service-learning through the value of collaboration in problem-solving. For student recipients, the ARAC strives to impact attitudes about reading and math, self-confidence and academic abilities.

Becoming an America Reads America Counts tutor is more than just a job or opportunity. Tutors fulfill a very real need in the nation’s schools.

  • Tutors become a role model to at-risk children.
  • Tutors learn to think reflectively in a critical manner.
  • Tutors gain experience in overcoming challenging situations and learn to work creatively with minimal resources.
  • Tutors learn and practice group management skills working with small groups of children under staff and teacher supervision.
  • Tutors gain valuable professional networking skills by working with local teachers, staff members and administrators.
  • Tutors are the life-blood of America Reads America Counts and an asset to teachers and programs and the schools and communities they serve.

If you are committed, self-motivated, organized, responsible, resourceful, and genuine in your efforts to help and work with others, ARAC will prove to be an engaging and rewarding experience. Apply today and enhance your personal and professional skillset while you are paid to encourage and tutor children in local communities.

What does being a tutor involve?

Tutors are engaged in one-to-one or small group tutoring with their assigned students throughout the semester. Because this is intended to be an intensive intervention for the young students, tutors are expected to set and focus on goals determined for the student/s by the teachers or staff member of the assigned classroom or program.

Tutors work with children weekly at assigned placements for approximately 20 hours per week. Tutors assigned to classrooms placements work 1 hour per classroom plus travel, Tutors assigned to afterschool program placements work 3-4 hours per site including travel. Tutors can commit to single or multiple sites or schools per week not to exceed 20 hours weekly.

As an America Reads America Counts tutor, Self-evaluation and evaluation of your tutoring interactions is crucial. You will be provided with training, support, and appropriate resources, however, what you put into the program is what ultimately determines its effect.

Frequently Asked Questions