Written Online Appointments

Text: Get help with language issues in your paper before you turn it in. English Language Learner Writing Center

The English Language Learner Writing Center offers asynchronous written online appointments for Miami multilingual students who are unable to visit the ELLWC in person. During asynchronous online sessions, consultants read students’ writing and give written feedback by adding comments about grammar issues, word choice, clarity, style, format, and sharing links to useful online resources. By the end of the session, consultants send out their feedback and a survey about its effectiveness to students.


To schedule online written appointments, use our online scheduling system.

Preparing for Written Online Appointments

If you choose a written online appointment, you are required to send out your writing, professor’s prompts, guidelines, rubrics if you have any, and a Writer’s Note by attaching them to the appointment form when you schedule an appiontment. Do not attempt to contact your consultant at their personal email address.

Send Your Writer’s Note

For consultants to understand your assignments and concerns, answer the 4 questions in your Writer’s Note. For each written online appointment, send a new Writer's Note.

  1. Tell us about your project and the expectations for the final draft.
  2. Where do you feel confident in your project?
  3. Where are you not confident?
  4. What would you like to work on in this appointment?

Send Your Writing

You can send us your project in any of the following document types. Please do not send PDF files.

  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Links to your website, video, etc.

Feel free to ask your consultant questions or leave notes in your document.

Your Writer's Note is extremely important for your consultant to understand your assignment and your concerns, so they can give effective feedback. You can also provide information outside of these questions, if you think it would be helpful to your consultant.

View Example Writer's Note

Hello, Hannah!

Please find my writing for review and my writer's note attached here. I inserted some comments on specific areas where I had questions. Parts that I've highlighted are pieces of writing that I am not sure about.

  1. Tell us about your project and the expectations for the final draft. Attach any prompts or guidelines.

    I'm writing an argumentative essay about the harm of fast food. I claim that the obsession with fast food ruins health and thus people’s life. I want my audience to learn the reasons for eating fast food and health problems that are caused by this habit. The professor’s requirements, guidelines, and assessment rubric are attached.

  2. Where do you feel confident in your project?

    I am confident in the content and the organization of my ideas. I think I have managed to support my claim with strong evidence and to organize my ideas in a logical way.

  3. Where are you not confident?

    I am not confident in my grammar. I am afraid that grammar errors may interfere with understanding of the essay. Specifically, I am concerned about verb tenses.

  4. What would you like to work on in this appointment?

    I would like to work on the parts of my essay that are confusing due to grammar issues and to make sure that I am able to use verb tenses correctly and correct other errors. I would appreciate their explanation.

Thank you very much!  - Chen

Finding Your Written Online Appointment Feedback

  1. Check your email shortly after your appointment. Attached, you will find your draft with consultant’s feedback.
  2. If there is no attachment, sign into your ELLWC account and open your appointment.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Appointment Form and download the attached file/feedback.

No-Show Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as possible. You can cancel by returning to our scheduling system (see our cancelling instructions).

If you do not cancel your appointment and do not show up for your appointment, your appointment will be marked as a "no-show." After 2 no-shows, you will lose access to your online account and must schedule by emailing bobrovl@MiamiOH.edu.