Resources for Faculty

The English Language Learner Writing Center has compiled a list of resources to help you better understand multilingual students’ challenges and to offer practical suggestions informed by research in second language acquisition and ESL writing.

Unique Characteristics and Challenges of Multilingual Students 

This page includes a list of books, articles, and online resources describing ML students’ educational backgrounds and providing suggestions for inclusive teaching. It also offers a few tools for getting to know ML students in your course(s).

Responding to Multilingual Student Writing

We provide recommendations on responding to ML student writing, emphasizing the importance of considering the nature of second language acquisition. If you want more detailed information on the pedagogical tools offered on this page, there is also a list of additional resources.

Assessing Multilingual Student Writing

This page outlines approaches to assessing and grading multilingual student writing in content-area courses and provides a list of books, articles, and online resources to help you make pedagogically informed decisions on scoring ML student writing.