Navigating A Competitive Job Search


It is more important than ever to do your research, possibly considering new directions based on which positions, organizations and industries are thriving.

  • Research industries to see how they are surviving during this time. Some industries will continue to struggle for a while even after the economy begins to rebound. Who is hiring, growing, surviving?
  • You can still develop relevant, transferable skills even if the position isn't exactly what you had planned.
  • Use company websites, current news, and connections to find out what is really going on in an organization and to access the hidden job market. In addition to your current network, use Miami Alumni Connect to find Miami alumni who are in organizations of interest and connect with them to learn the inside scoop. 
  • Vault, Glassdoor, LinkedIn are three resources to help explore companies and organizations.
  • Learn how different geographical areas are managing societal changes. GoinGlobal
  • Informational interviews allow you to connect with professionals and explore positions, organizations and broaden your network. The focus is on getting information, not a job offer. Here is some additional information regarding informational interviews including potential questions.  


Develop a strong resume that elevates you as a candidate. Make sure your Make sure your resume showcases related skills, experiences and accomplishments. Check out our website for more information on resumes, including examples.

  • You can connect with your career advisor by email, phone or Handshake, Miami’s online platform that connects students with potential employers and career-related events.  Identify your career advisor by logging into Handshake. 
  • This is a great time to update your resume through VMOCK, a SMART Resume platform designed to help students create a powerful resume, as well as elevate your LinkedIn and Handshake accounts.
  • Cover letters (link to our website section on cover letters)  can put you in the lead if written correctly.  You can mention names in your network and be specific about the experiences you have that relate to the position. 


Virtual connecting is our new normal. Develop new skills using various technologies to network and interview.

  • We also encourage you to utilize LinkedIn, which is another way for you to connect with professionals in your field of interest through requests for informational interviews, virtual job shadows and mentorship.
  • Our mock interview program is a great way to help you develop strong interview skills for opportunities including internships, graduate school and full time jobs. Big Interview exposes you to video interviewing and provides the opportunity to review your responses and improve your interviewing skills.
  • When looking to network, you can research and explore options online with Miami alumni through our Miami Alumni Connect program.