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Please see the appropriate Miami University Academic Calendar for grade submission dates.

Grade Submission Deadline

The grade submission application is available from 8:30 a.m. (ET) the last Friday of the semester until noon (ET) the Tuesday after final examination week. Final grades are due within 72 hours of administering the final examination and by no later than the deadline published on the academic calendar. Midterm grades are due by the deadline published on the academic calendar.

Final Exams

Please refer to the Policy Library for details regarding final exams.

Final Exam Schedule

Final examinations for fall and spring semesters are given at the time listed on the final examination schedule developed by the Office of the University Registrar, and are typically, with the exception of group exams, held in the room where the class regularly meets. Summer and winter term final examinations are typically given at the last class meeting.

Determining Final Exam Date and Time

  • Face-to-Face: If the class is a lecture only or a combination of lecture/lab/discussion, use the exam time that corresponds to the first day and time the lecture portion meets.
  • Online, Fully Asynchronous: Final exam must be asynchronous and made available for the period of Mon/Tue/Wed (72 hours) or Thu/Fri (48 hours) of final exam week. The instructor will select from the two timeblocks and must indicate their selected exam timeblock on the course syllabus. The timeblock selection will not be recorded in Banner Self Service nor listed on the course schedule in Banner Self Service or on the Miami Course List.
  • Online, Fully Synchronous: The final exam is assigned based on the date and time of the primary meeting pattern.
  • Online, Blend of Asynchronous and Synchronous: The final exam is assigned based on the day and time of the synchronous meeting pattern.
  • Hybrid with Synchronous Online Component: The final exam is assigned based on the day and time of the primary meeting pattern (can be either in person or online pattern).
  • Hybrid with Asynchronous Online Component: The final exam is assigned based on the day and time of the in person meeting pattern.

Final examination dates and times cannot be changed without approval of the department chair and divisional dean per University policy. Due to scheduling conflicts that can result for students, requests to change final exam dates/times will be granted only in circumstances beyond the instructor’s control and not for instructor convenience.

Requests to change a final exam date/time must be submitted on the Change of Final Examination form within two weeks of the final exam schedule publication in myCourses and Banner Self Service. Instructors requesting a change are required to check with their students to ensure the change will not result in an examination conflict for them. If an unavoidable conflict occurs, the instructor making the change is responsible for accommodating the student(s) impacted by the change.

Group Final Exams

Available for Oxford classes only

As University enrollment grows, space limitations may make it impossible to accommodate requests for group exams. Group exams can result in exam scheduling conflicts or excessive exam situations for students. For these reasons the use of group exams is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary, even in qualifying situations.

The following criteria will be used to determine which courses will be permitted to schedule group final exams:

  • The courses must use a national exam that must be administered in one sitting;
  • The course administers a unified exam (all sections use the same exam) and meet the threshold of 3 or more sections of the same course with total enrollment of a minimum of 200 students.

Department Chairs are responsible for submitting the request for a group final exam and the deadline to submit this request is the Friday of the second week of the semester.