25Live FAQs

Who can reserve a room through 25Live?

Any faculty, staff, or student organization member can reserve a room through 25Live.

What doors will be opened in the building where my event is scheduled?

Exterior doors that have card readers will be programmed to open 15 minutes prior to the requested start time and locked at the requested end time. Please submit your event times accordingly. If you need additional doors opened, please contact Building Services at least 24 hours in advance at 513-529-7005. There may be a charge for this service.

Are there any special rules I should know about before I reserve a room?

Yes. There are two documents in the Student Handbook that you must read and agree to before you can reserve a room. Failure to comply with the agreement in any way can result in room reservation privileges being revoked. Read the regulations below.

Requests sent in after noon on Friday to reserve a room for that Saturday or Sunday will NOT be processed.

Can I request special equipment?

You can view statistics about the rooms in 25Live. Statistics include:

  • Room Capacity
  • Seating Type
  • Floor Type
  • Special Equipment

If you need special AV equipment that is not in the room, you should contact King Library circulation desk at 513-529-2433.

Where is the building my reservation is in?

You can find your building location by using the campus map.

When will I receive confirmation on my request?

Confirmations are sent the day your room request is processed. Our staff are currently working hard to get all requests scheduled prior to the event dates. Please check your Miami University email address for your confirmation email. If there are problems or any questions regarding your request we will be in contact.

Please note that requests for events taking place during future semesters can’t be submitted until 6 weeks prior to the start of that term.

How do I get my event on the University Events Calendar?

The space reservation must be confirmed and not one of the following event types.

  • Academic Class-related
  • Admissions: Campus Visit/Tour
  • Announcements
  • Final Exam
  • Maintenance
  • Meeting (Regularly scheduled)
  • Orientation
  • Practice
  • Rehearsal
  • Student Org Event/Meeting
  • Section H, M, O, V
  • Testing
  • Training

Events are transferred over to the University Events Calendar once per day. Events have to be approved before they will show on the calendar. Unconfirmed spaces will not go into Localist.

If your event is located in a building that is not schedulable through 25Live or EMS, you can create your event directly in the University Events Calendar, Localist.

How Do I Edit an Event?

Once you have submitted an event, you should receive an email with a link to the event.

You can also edit an existing event from the Dashboard or through the Search box. Find your event (through Quick Search by name, Reference number, or, look at My Events ) - click it open, then select "Edit Event" from the top task bar (in blue letters).

Proceed through the Event Wizard and make the necessary changes.

Save the Event. Your edits will be automatically updated and reflected in the calendar display (don’t worry, this sometimes takes 30 minutes to refresh through the system).


  • You cannot change the event type. If you need to change the event type, a new event will need to be created.
  • If dates and times are changed, be sure to re-request any location associated with the event.

For instructions on event creation, visit the Room Request Instructions.

What If an Event is Canceled?

Although you can delete an event from the More Actions link, this is not recommended.

Instead, change the Event State to "Canceled". This way the public can also see that this event is canceled and change their plans accordingly.

Can I get on-the-spot help when I create an event?

Yes, just click on the ? symbol next to each section for a pop-up box of helpful information!

Can I copy and paste text into the Event Description?

You can, but never paste text directly from Microsoft Word into 25Live. The best practice is to first save your Word document as a plain text file to avoid display problems.

Why does 25Live seem to be running slowly?

25Live is a complex, full-featured application. Using the system involves searching thousands of locations, resources, organizations, contacts, and event records to deliver the most accurate information in real time. The browser used to access 25Live can also affect performance; please be sure to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to achieve maximum results.