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Below is accreditation information. Please refer to Miami University's General Bulletin for detailed accreditation information.

Academic Calendar

  • Prior to September 1965 - Semester system
  • September 1965 to August 1969 - Trimester system
  • September 1969 to 1976 - Quarter system
  • 1976 to present - Semester system

The current semester system is fourteen weeks of instruction and a final exam week. Miami also offers a winter term that is typically three weeks in length, and a twelve-week summer term.

View Miami's Academic Calendar.

Release of Information

This transcript has been provided at the request of the student with the understanding that it will not be released to any other party in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) which prohibits the release of this record without the student’s written consent.

Grade Explanation, Grade Point Average (GPA), and Academic Standing/Action

Course Numbering System

Refer to the course numbering system in the General Bulletin.

Fresh Start 

The Fresh Start Policy is designed to help Miami students return to good academic standing. Students who have been academically suspended or dismissed, or who voluntarily left Miami with a cumulative GPA below 2.00 are eligible for Fresh Start after an absence of two calendar years.

Refer to Miami's Fresh Start Policy.

Authentication of the Record*

Only records of students enrolled since First Semester 1976-77 will be on the automated records system. Official paper transcripts are printed with black ink on white transcript paper which displays the Miami University seal as a watermark in the center of each page. If the transcript is scanned or copied the words “VOID” and “VOIDSECURE” will appear repeatedly across the face of the page. The backside of an official transcript will reveal a masked “VOIDSECURE” logo when scratched with a coin. Additional security features include toner adhesion and chemical reactivity when exposed to any counterfeiting efforts using bleach, acid, etc.

Official electronic transcripts are produced as digitally signed PDFs and should be retrieved directly from the National Student Clearinghouse portal by the intended recipient. The digital signature is displayed as a banner that runs across the top of the PDF document. The banner should display an image of a blue ribbon and the word “Certified” in the far-left corner. If the transcript does not display all three of these digital signature elements the document should not be regarded as official.

Transcripts of students enrolled prior to First Semester 1976-77 will reflect the formatting of the original document. The document security features outlined above are applied to all transcripts.

As a service to current and former students, Miami University may allow requester provided forms and documents to be included with the delivery of official transcripts. Unless specifically indicated by the Registrar’s signature, Miami University does NOT certify the accuracy of the information provided in, nor the validity or authenticity of, such accompanying documents.

*Security features are effective as of January 8, 2020.

Contact Information for Transcript Inquiries

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar, located at the Oxford campus, for transcript inquiries.