Mission and Principles

 Women in Business table at Meet the B-Orgs
Three students working in class
 Pile of Post-It Notes on shelf
 Farmer School building in winter
 Victoria Masny talks to students during the first day of classes

Our Mission

We are here to support our students’ success. We do this by engaging all of our stakeholders in an ecosystem that connects teaching, research and practice, and provides extraordinary experiences for all.

Our Vision

First choice for tomorrow’s leaders.

The Principles that Define, Differentiate and Drive Our Culture

Strategic Innovation and Informed Risk-Taking

  • We champion bold ideas, and encourage innovative thinking in those around us.
  • We take well-reasoned and responsible risk and accept failure graciously.
  • As stewards of our organization, we take the long-term view and think about the welfare of others, beyond our own self-interests.

Knowledge Creation and Business Education for Life

  • We value the discovery and development of new knowledge through the process of responsible and honest inquiry and curiosity in all forms.
  • Our goal is to create intellectual, economic, and social value for the world.


  • We are a community dedicated to intellectual engagement.
  • We strive to work, act, and live compassionately, demonstrating this through volunteering, service, mentorship, and sharing our resources with our various communities.

Leadership for The Greater Good - "Prodesse Quam Conspici"

  • We lead others through our example of integrity, respect, and accountability.
  • We demonstrate leadership through our trust, encouragement, collaboration, and empathy.


  • By our living, working, studying, and teaching, we bring our unique talents, viewpoints, and life experiences together for the benefit of all.
  • We are dedicated to being an inclusive learning environment based upon an atmosphere of mutual respect, which invites all campus citizens to explore how they think about knowledge, about themselves, and about how they see themselves in relation to others.