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Welcome to the ACC Majors Niihka site! We're glad you found us so you won't miss out on any of the information we have to share with you about events, employment, scholarships, or other items of interest for accountancy majors.

To join

  • Log on to Niihka
  • Click on the "Membership" link on the "My Workspace" tab
  • Click on the "Joinable Sites" link at the top
  • Find the ACC Majors site (near the top of the list) and click "Join"

Once you have joined

To help ensure that you receive the messages that are most applicable to you, we have set up groups based on anticipated graduation dates (e.g., Dec 2011, May 2012, May/Aug 2014, etc.) Each graduation date has two options: "Interested in job/internship postings" and "NOT interested in job/internship postings."

We will send announcements out about interviews, employment opportunities, leadership ("early ID") programs, etc., to the "Interested" groups but not to the "not interested" groups. So if you have already accepted an internship or full-time offer and are no longer interested in receiving these types of announcements, please join the "not interested" group for your graduation date.

PLease take a moment to join the group that fits your situation.

To join a group

  • Log on to Niihka
  • Select the ACC Majors tab
  • Click the "Groups" link on left-hand side
  • Click the "Join" link for the appropriate group

You can switch groups at any time, so if your plans change (either graduation date or employment status), you can switch to the group that applies to your new status.

To switch groups

  • Log on to Niihka
  • Select the ACC Majors tab
  • Click the "Groups" link on left-hand side
  • Click the "Switch" link for the group you wish to join

When you graduate, you can "Unjoin" the Niihka site so you will no longer receive our messages and announcements.

All of the documents that were posted in the ACC Majors Blackboard site are in the Resources section of this site.

Again, welcome to our Niihka site. Please invite your friends who are accountancy majors (or who are considering accountancy as their major) to join as well!