Scott Glaser

Scott Glaser headshot

Scott Glaser graduated in 1990 with a BA in Economics, French, and International Studies. He is currently the SVP Chief Financial Officer at Lane Bryant & Catherines (Ascena Retail Group) in Columbus. He is also a previous member of the Economics Advisory Board.

First position after graduation: Financial Analyst, Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati, OH)

How do you use Eco in your everyday life? Almost all of retail comes down to economics decisions. Whether to promote items – and how deep – is just a big elasticity exercise. Store sales forecasts and real estate decisions are rooted in regression models. I use it every day!

Current City, State: Upper Arlington, OH (Columbus)

Favorite Eco course you took: Hmmm… Econometrics with Nick Noble and an honors seminar on the economics of sustainability with Homer Erekson

Any other info you’d want to share? I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time in Oxford with a son who just graduated last year, as a member of the Alumni Board, and supporting the fashion program. In different ways, Miami has simultaneously changed a ton and almost not at all in 30 years. It remains a fabulous place to live and learn!