Dan Krancevic

Dan Krancevic head shot

Dan Krancevic graduated in 2015 with his MA in Economics from Miami after getting his BS with us the year before. He is currently an Investment Banking Associate with the Financial Services Group at KeyBanc Capital Markets in Cleveland.

First position after graduation: Investment Banking Analyst, Healthcare Group at KeyBanc Capital Markets

Current position and employer: Investment Banking Associate, Financial Services Group at KeyBanc Capital Markets

How do you use Eco in your everyday life? As an investment banker my main responsibility is to help our clients access the capital markets through debt and equity financing. When bankers approach each transaction, whether we’re pitching new business or executing a current deal, we have to be closely in tune with what is happening in the broader economy as well as in our specific industry coverage area. Having a strong understanding of economics is essential, particularly macroeconomics and econometrics, as market dynamics directly affect the pricing and terms of our transactions. Miami’s Economics program prepared me exceptionally well in this aspect of my job. Additionally, the Economics program was academically rigorous and prepared me well for work after college which frequently requires long hours and tight project deadlines.

Favorite Eco course you took: ECO 671 (Topics in Applied Econometrics) and ECO 418 (Monetary Theory and Policy)

Any other info you’d want to share? Whether you’re a prospective Miami student or a current undergrad, I would encourage you to explore pursuing Economics whether it be a minor, major, or the masters program. I can’t speak highly enough of the Economics department at Miami; from the faculty to the courses everything was top notch.