Sara Rosomoff

Sara Rosomoff in a cap and gown

Sara Rosomoff graduated in 2019 with her Bachelors and Masters as a 3+1 combined student. She wrote her thesis with Professor Melissa Thomasson entitled, “Promote the General Welfare: A Political Economy Analysis of Medicare & Medicaid.”

Where do you currently work?

I work at Deloitte as a Business Analyst in Cincinnati.

How do you think having a MA degree from Miami has benefited you in your current job?

As an analyst, I am constantly asked to use my analytical skills, whether it's for building a model or visualizing data. The MA program at Miami gave me the tools I needed to understand the math behind the analytics, to code with confidence, to think about data critically, and how to research effectively. These skills have helped jumpstart my career and provide me with greater opportunities as a new analyst. 

Do you use what you learned from your time in the MA program at your current job? If so, how? If not, how did you use it in a previous position?

Every day I use what I've learned in the MA program at Miami. Business analysts and consultants’ alike need a strong business acumen and understanding of how the economy works in order to advise, strategize, and analyze the problems a client faces. 

Is there anything about Miami or the Economics department that you know will always stick with you? 

The MA program is always a tight knit group of students and professors. After spending an entire year and a half with them, we've become strong friends and mentors to one another. That's something I hope we will maintain for years to come.