Ryan Ruddy

Ryan Ruddy head shot

Ryan Ruddy graduated in 2010 with his MA in Economics from Miami. He is currently a senior lecturer at Ohio State.

First position after graduation: Completed PhD in Economics in 2015 at University of Houston

How do you use Eco in your everyday life? I have taught 9 courses at OSU: Elementary Econometrics, Econometrics I, Econometrics II, Quantitative Methods II (MA, Ag Econ), Survey of Econometric Methods I (MA), Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Sports Analytics, and Sports Economics. I have also taught a Freshman seminar called Baseball Economics. I am faculty advisor for the Sports Analytics Association and a faculty board member of the Sports and Society Initiative.

Eco Research Interest(s): Applied econometrics, sports, and labor

Favorite Eco course you took: Topics in Applied Econometrics.