Why Join

students working with instructor in finance class

The Miami University Student Managed Investment Fund offers students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, experiential learning environment. In this course, students actually manage a portion of the Miami University endowment. The course is comprised of 25-35 junior analysts, along with 10 senior analysts, who work together through the investment process. The students run the student managed investment fund as a business, with each student undertaking multiple roles.

This course allows students to work alongside other talented and highly-motivated individuals as a team to create an investment portfolio comprised of large cap equities. Students also gain a competitive advantage for internship and full-time employment opportunities by leveraging the real-world experience gained through this course. The fund has a strong network of prior members, some of whom accepted positions with Goldman Sachs and William Blair.

Students who are interested in a career involving financial markets as Investment Advisors, Investment Bankers, Portfolio Managers (mutual funds or hedge funds), Investment Analysts, or any other related careers are encouraged to apply and be a part of the Student Managed Investment Fund.

“With this class, I had a great foundation in understanding where the economy is and tying it to how the economy affects how people will be investing. I think in my job interviews, they were blown away with how much I knew.” Dominique ’19