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emmy garcia

When this FYIC student isn’t carving it up on the ice, she’s filming others doing just that.

Emmy Garcia, a first-year student studying information technology and film studies, founded EAP as a senior in high school. EAP is a video editing company that spotlights athletes, models, and friends. Although video editing just started as a hobby for Emmy, many viewers were catching on to her talent and began sending edit requests. Since high school, Emmy has gained numerous followers and clients, including some from Canada.

Before coming to Miami, Emmy decided to put EAP to the side and focus on her education and athletics. However, she says that ESP 103 with David Eyman made her realize that her business can become much more than just a side gig. Emmy also stated that she is extremely grateful for the business communication skills that she has developed in BUS102, seeing as most of her clients communicate with her via Instagram DM or email.

Going forward, Emmy is hoping to film in other industries, like concerts at bars in uptown Oxford. For some of Emmy’s edits, she even uses her own music that she produced through High Street Records. Along with EAP, she hopes to develop her music production skills during her time at Miami.

Check out Emmy’s videos or request an edit on her Instagram @hockeytm !