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 FYIC professor talks to class
Team makes presentation in Taylor Auditorium
 Students and Fifth Third employees at poster presentation
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 Student makes poster presentation at Fifth Third Tower

keagan nwosu

 Meet Keagan, our student spotlight of the week! Keagan is a finance major from Dallas, Texas. On campus, he plays intermural basketball and is a member of the multicultural society for business majors.

 Keagan’s favorite class at Miami is his Acting class – he enjoys doing improv and loves that the teacher has created a really light environment to the class. Within the First Year Integrated Core, Keagan BUS101. He attributes much of his enjoyment of the course to his professor, Gary Oliphant who brings with him both an energetic and humorous approach to teaching with very a tangible business sense. Keagan acknowledges that BUS101 will serve a strong core and foundation to his learning in the business space from here on out.

 Thus far, the biggest learning from the FYIC has been working with people from diverse backgrounds, with differing personalities and ways of approaching problems. Team work is critical and it’s exciting to see how people approach problems through so many different lenses. The First Year Integrated core truly offers students an opportunity to experience these things from Day 1.

 Fifth Third has asked Miami’s students to think about how they can create a better experience for traditionally underserved groups in banking and Keagan is excited and ready to tackle the charge with him team. From researching, understanding the data, and ideating, these next few weeks will keep Keagan and his team busy as they tackle this dynamic charge from Fifth Third. He’s most passionate about bringing Fifth Third a meaningful solution that will have a tangible impact on individuals.

For future students, make sure you’re organized! Be detail oriented. The FYIC is a process that builds up to something and being diligent early will pay off in the long run. From public speaking to organization, team work and beyond, the FYIC will set you up for success both here at Miami and beyond!

Thanks Keagan for sharing your passion for the FYIC with us and stay tuned for the next Student Spotlight!