2020 Honors Program Requirements

To graduate with Business Honors from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, a student must complete the following requirements. First, the student must satisfy all requirements for the University Honors Program. Second, the student must complete the following course and co-curricular program requirements as outlined below. Third, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.65 or higher.

Course Requirements

The following courses within the Farmer School of Business, denoted by an "H" or a "C," are offered as business honors courses. Within the first year course recommendations, the following courses are required to be taken during your first year at Miami University: the First-Year Integrated Core, or "FYIC" (BUS 101, BUS 102, ESP 103, BUS 104), ACC 221, and CSE 148. While not required during the first year, the other first year courses listed below are suggestions and serve to accelerate several core business core courses. Accelerating the core involves taking courses from the list of core business requirements earlier than most non-honors students will take these courses. The courses recommended for acceleration are taken during the fall and spring semesters of the student's first year, prior to being officially admitted to the Farmer School of Business Honors Program.

The courses listed for the sophomore, junior and senior years are required courses within the Farmer School of Business Honors Program. You are expected to complete all business honors courses with your business honors cohort. For exceptions to this policy, please refer to the "Curriculum Requirements Exception Policy" listed below. 

First Year (Before Admission to Business Honors Program)
          Fall Semester
           FYIC            (Required for Program Application Process)
          ACC 221     (Required Course for Program Application Process)
          ECO 201H   (Suggested; Accelerated Core)

          Spring Semester
          CSE 148          (Required for Program Application Process)
          ISA 205           (Suggested; Accelerated Core)
          ECO 202H        (Suggested; Accelerated Core)

Sophomore Year (Required Coursework)
          Fall Semester
          ACC 222C
          ISA 235C        
          MKT 291H*       (*MKT 291H Offered Both Semesters)

     Spring Semester
          FIN 301C
          MGT 291H       
          MKT 291H*       

Junior Year (Required Coursework)

          Fall Semester
          BLS 342C       

          Spring Semester
          No Specific Business Honors Course Requirements
          If Pertinent, Possible Study Abroad Semester

Senior Year (Required Coursework)
          Capstone, Select One, Topics Vary, All Courses May Not Be Offered Each Term:
               Honors Exclusive Courses:
               BLS 465H (Offered Fall Semester)
               FIN 485C (Offered Fall Semester)
               Contract Courses:
               MKT 442H (Offered Fall and Spring Semester)
               MKT 495H (Offered Fall and Spring Semester)

Co-Curricular Experiences (Required Experiences)

          (1)   Participate in Undergraduate Associate Program 

          (2)   Presentation at Undergraduate Research Forum
          (3)   Satisfy Section III, Global Perspective of the Global Miami Plan
                    a.    Study Abroad (6 hours) or
                    b.    Global Courses (6 hours) or

Curricular Requirements Exception Policy

Students in the Farmer School of Business (FSB) Honors Program are expected to complete all program curricular course requirements at Miami University as detailed under the course requirements section of the FSB Honors Program website. Exceptions to this policy will be rare and will require advance approval of the FSB Honors Program Director and the specific FSB Honors Program Faculty scheduled to teach the honors course(s) for which the student is seeking an exemption. An exception request will be considered for study abroad experiences during a semester other than the recommended junior year, spring semester. The student requesting the exemption will be required to develop a plan that demonstrates how he/she will achieve the academic goals of the honors courses that will be missed. This plan must be submitted to the FSB Honors Director and specific FSB Honors Program Faculty before the priority registration period of the semester for which the student plans to miss required coursework. The FSB Honors Program Director and FSB Honors Program Faculty will review the plan and determine if the plan is acceptable. If the plan is deemed unacceptable, the student may choose to revise the plan or drop the FSB Honors Program.