Goals of the Program

 Graduation cap
 Farmer School at sunrise
 Megan Gerhardt with students
 Students on stairs

The Farmer School Honors Program is both challenging and rewarding. Specific goals of the program include:

  • Maintain our commitment to having high caliber students in the Farmer School of Business.
  • Enhance and complement the education for our brightest and most motivated incoming students.
  • Allow for more intellectual interaction between student and faculty.
  • Provide a premier program that complements and interfaces with the Honors College and with FSB Departmental Honors.
  • Continue to fuel the advanced intellectual climate/atmosphere in the Farmer School.
  • Use the program as laboratory for exciting new techniques/ideas that can then be applied to the regular undergraduate program.
  • Provide faculty the opportunity to develop and engage in rigorous, intellectually creative, and innovative pedagogy.
  • Provide an integrative experience for students and faculty.
  • Share excitement about research with a group of bright/intellectually curious/articulate students.
  • Provide students with additional skills for and the opportunity to do research.
  • Provide students a better understanding of what faculty do so that they are better informed about their future career choices.