Why Choose Honors?

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 Jenny Darroch and EY folks
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Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell

I believe the Business Honors program has provided me with a unique and fulfilling educational experience. Two things come to mind when I think of my participation in the honors program. First, the smaller class sizes encouraged me to think inquisitively and to ask questions in class. Also, the class structure in most of the honors classes allowed for frequent small group discussions. Second, I particularly enjoyed getting to know the people in my cohort, who were in each of my honors business classes throughout all four of my years at Miami.

I plan to attend medical school after I graduate from Miami. My involvement in the Farmer School of Business and its entrepreneurship program has helped me develop my leadership skills, which are extremely important in a physician who must be a leader among her patients, community, and hospital. My experience has also encouraged me to think outside the box, stretch myself beyond my comfort zone, and delve into projects and tasks that I otherwise would not have.

-Nicole Marie Mitchell.