Student Spotlight: Andreas Van Dijck

Path to the MSBA

"My undergraduate major was Political Science because I was (and still am) interested in how decisions made at various levels of government impact our everyday lives."

"I interned at the Voice in America’s current affairs department in Washington, DC as part of Miami’s Inside Washington program, and during my time there I had the opportunity to observe many different interviews with policy experts and analysts. I remember hearing about how companies and political campaigns alike have started to leverage big data to draw insights, and that helped spark my interest in learning about analytics and how data is an extremely powerful tool in decision making."

Concrete Connections

MSBA students make real-world connections in-and-out of the classroom.

"So far, my favorite class is ISA 616, because the class combines both technical and communication skills, and it stresses the importance of being able to communicate what we have learned."

"So far, we have had several zoom seminars with companies such as 84.51. These sessions are often just for MSBA students, so being able to learn about various companies in a smaller group setting gives us the opportunity to really engage with these companies, ask questions, and build connections."

Future Plans

"I would like to work for a polling company or a public opinion research firm, where I could combine my skills from this program and my undergraduate major."