MSBA Student Spotlights

Andreas Van Dijck (MSBA ’21)

photo of andreas

Undergrad: Miami University, Political Science (’20)

“I interned in Washington, D.C. and heard about how companies and political campaigns alike are leveraging big data to draw insights. Being able to learn about various companies in a smaller group setting gives us the opportunity to really engage with these companies, ask questions, and build connections. 

This program teaches students extremely valuable technical skills employers are looking for, and also how to effectively communicate insights and findings. The program is less than one year long, but can set students ahead by years in their future careers.”

Claire Linn (MSBA ’21)

photo of claire linn

Undergrad: Miami University, BS in Marketing (’20)

“My career goal is to help small businesses grow by using the business and analytics skills I have learned in the MSBA. My ISA minor made me realize how much businesses miss out on by not using data effectively. Decision making is a lot easier when you have the data to back it up, and you understand what the data means.

I have found myself having natural conversations with executives at Salesforce, IT professionals, and other business representatives. They all seem more than impressed with the skills I have learned. While being a student has been different during the times of COVID, I’ve still made great connections with my classmates.”

Joshua Ferris (MSBA ’21)

photo of joshua ferris

Undergrad: University of York, Bachelor of Mathematics (’20)

“The faculty have been so friendly and helpful, which has been no easy task this year due to the pandemic. My professors are always available to answer questions in or out of class and are happy to discuss content beyond the scope of the course.

We’re using real-world data in every class. Having the opportunity to practice producing a solution for a client before doing it for real will be invaluable going into the workforce. I’m looking forward to next semester when we will be working with companies to develop a solution based on their real data.”