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The major in Human Capital Management and Leadership prepares graduates to manage and lead individuals, teams and projects in a variety of contexts across all functional areas of business in profit and not-for-profit environments. The diversified course of study develops graduates for positions in management, human resources, management development, training, change leadership, employee benefits, compensation, cross-cultural management, public sector management, consulting, small business and labor relations. The content, skills and practices learned in human capital management and leadership are transferable across many industries, functions and roles. In addition, students seeking careers specializing in the human resources function can select courses that directly specialize their training.

If you have questions about whether you should change your major, or for more information on this major, please contact a faculty member in this area of the department. They include the following:

Dr. Rhett Brymer

Dr. Scott Dust

Dr. Megan Gerhardt

Mr. Rocco Manzo

Dr. Darryl Rice

Dr. Joe Rode

Dr. David Walsh

Dr. Peng Wang

Dr. Mark Wesolowski

For requirements and complete course descriptions, please visit the Miami bulletin.

The home of the Management Leadership major is the Department of Management. No one can dispute the importance of a student’s major at the beginning of his or her career, but in the Department of Management we also believe in the increasing importance of broader knowledge, a more expansive repertoire of business skills and lifelong learning. We emphasize excellence in course content and teaching methods in our programs: experiential learning, client-based class structures and real-world problem-solving are important tools that we use to shape our students into career-minded, successful individuals. We are proud of the national attention these efforts have attracted.

This website provides you with extensive detail on both of our majors (Human Capital Management and Leadership as well as Supply Chain & Operations Management. If you are interested in one of our two majors, have another business major that you wish to enhance with one of our minors, or major in a subject outside of the Farmer School and wish to complement it with a management minor, thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact any management faculty member for more information.

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