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The Human Capital Management & Leadership (HCML) major prepares students to help organizations handle the complex challenges of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent to create sustainable competitive advantage. A majority of almost every company’s budget is invested in its people. Companies that understand who and how to hire, how to engage and lead their talent successfully, and how to ethically manage the rapidly changing landscape around globalization, diversity, and change are the organizations that thrive. Our graduates emerge prepared to help top companies meet these challenges. 

Center for Business Leadership

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The William Isaac & Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership engages and challenges tomorrow’s adaptive leaders through innovative core programming to develop graduates equipped to lead tomorrow’s best organizations.

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What do you do with a Human Capital Management & Leadership degree?

Across industries, organizations are in need of graduates with an in-depth understanding of how to effectively manage and lead their people. As such, our graduates find roles in a wide range of engaging careers, such as:

  • People Advisory/Human Capital Consulting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership & Development 
  • Corporate Training 
  • Recruiting/Talent Acquisition
  • Management Rotational Programs
  • Business Analyst
  • And more!

Human Capital Management at the Farmer School