Students listen to lecture in Gary Oliphant's class
Students make Strategy Works final presentation before HARMAN executives
 Students surround Jan Taylor after their first round in the West Monroe Partners case competition
 Some of the products created by Helen Koons' students on a bookshelf in her office
 Student points to next slide in presentation at West Monroe Partners case competition

The modern global society is placing an increasing emphasis on marketing knowledge and related skills. Global and domestic corporations’ manufacturing, distributing, buying and selling significantly shape the standard of living and global economy. This is true for products and services, for-profit and not-for-profit institutions and supply chains.

To prepare students for a career in marketing or as part of a business decision-making team, this program provides courses in branding, promotion, supply chain management, consumer behavior, marketing research, sales management and personal selling, imagination and creativity, problem solving skills, creating customer value, global marketing, and interactive media studies.

Senior marketing majors have the opportunity to finish off their undergraduate education as part of the Marketing Strategy Practicum; Highwire Brand Studio; or Armstrong Interactive, the interactive media studies practicum. The Marketing Strategy Practicum uses student teams to address an array of marketing problems for clients. Highwire Brand Studio is an interdisciplinary practicum conducted in partnership with the Graphic Design Department that develops branding programs for client companies in a wide variety of markets and industries. Armstrong Interactive teams work for corporate clients to develop digital solutions to a business problem.

For more information and for a complete list of courses and descriptions, please visit the Miami bulletin.