Miami PRIME is designed to give you a solid framework to complement your degree and make you more valuable to a wide variety of organizations. Through an engaging mix of lectures, case studies, team projects, and activities, you will apply your knowledge to real world scenarios and learn how to work efficiently and effectively in teams. 

Program Focus Areas

  • Accounting and Finance: How companies account for their dollars, how they allocate resources; how to understand financial documents, and how to plan and manage your own finances.
  • Business Strategy: How a firm grows its business and why some are more successful than others.
  • Economics: An overview of how competition and market forces affect the economy and the impact of business cycles and the monetary policy.
  • Entrepreneurship: The principles and concepts associated with entrepreneurship in startup, social, creative and corporate ventures.
  • Information Technology: How firms manage the information that provides the foundation for their strategy and decision making.
  • Management and Leadership: Value-based leadership, the difference between managers and leaders, and the general management of an organization.
  • Marketing: Understanding markets and consumer behavior.
  • Supply Chain Management: How firms manage their distribution, sourcing, and operations.
  • Workshop Project: Work closely with a client to solve a business problem or maximize a growth opportunity.
  • Career Development: Resume consultations, mock interviews, and networking events