Info for Parents

 Student talks to another after PRIME final presentations
Student gives final presentation to Cintas executives
 Group photo of Miami PRIME participants in Cintas' lobby
 Cintas executives explain one of the their business sectors to PRIME students
Position your student for success

Every parent wants their student to be successful and have the ability to reach their dreams. Miami PRIME offers your student a chance to gain an edge over their peers through business knowledge and experiential learning. Students routinely say that our program is "very rewarding and demanding", it "far exceeded my expectations", and "I have gained a level of confidence that I have not experienced so far in my college career."

In today's global marketplace, careers are becoming more competitive. It is our belief that a liberal arts, humanities, education, or science degree coupled with a solid understanding in business fundamentals makes a compelling story for corporate recruiters and graduate school admission departments. Miami PRIME provides this synergy!

Interactive teaching methods and intensive curriculum drive students to explore topics and opportunities that they might not otherwise encounter. Over the course of 4 weeks, your student will gain a fundamental grounding in business concepts and dynamics, as well as the opportunity to develop essential skills they will need to succeed after college. These skills include:

  • Basic Business Knowledge
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Leadership Attributes and Opportunities
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Career Skills, including Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Etiquette, and Networking

Students will have the opportunity to take part in practical experiences, lectures, case studies, business simulations and hands-on experiences. They will gain a level of self-awareness, confidence and teamwork that is unique to our program. Our faculty will work closely with each student and develop relationships through lunches and client work projects.