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 Guest supply chain speaker in Taylor Auditorium
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Management April AdamsMs. April Adams
Administrative Assistant
Management Bryan AshenbaumDr. Bryan Ashenbaum
Professor &
Management Scott DustDr. Scott Dust
Dr. John F. Mee Professor in Management &
Assistant Professor
Management Lisa EllramDr. Lisa Ellram
James Evans Rees Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management &
Management Megan GerhardtDr. Megan Gerhardt
Professor &
William Isaac and Michael Oxley Center for Business Leadership Co-Director & Director of Leadership Development
Management Xiaowen HuangDr. Xiaowen Huang
Bill Moeckel Business Professor &
Management Henry JinDr. Henry Jin
Associate Professor
Management Tim KrehbielDr. Tim Krehbiel
Management Rocco ManzoMr. Rocco Manzo
Senior Clinical Lecturer
Management Monique MurfieldDr. Monique Murfield
Richard T. Farmer Endowed Assistant Professor &
Assistant Professor
Management William  NewmanDr. William Newman
Management John NiDr. John Ni
Assistant Professor
Management Cindy OakenfullMs. Cindy Oakenfull
Assistant Lecturer &
BUS101 Team Lead
Management John-Patrick ParaskevasDr. John-Patrick Paraskevas
Assistant Professor
Management Darryl RiceDr. Darryl Rice
Assistant Professor
Management Joseph RodeDr. Joseph Rode
Management Peter SalzaruloDr. Peter Salzarulo
Associate Professor &
Endres Associate Professor Fellow
Management Matthew SchwietermanDr Matthew Schwieterman
Assistant Professor
Management Laurens SteedDr. Laurens Steed
Assistant Professor
Management Peng WangDr. Peng Wang
Associate Professor
Management Christopher WelterDr. Christopher Welter
Assistant Professor
Management Mark WesolowskiDr. Mark Wesolowski
Associate Professor