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The Supply Chain & Operations Management major (SC&OM) is housed in the Department of Management along with the Human Capital Management and Leadership major. In addition to the SC&OM major, the department also offers a minor in Supply Chain & Operations Management, and is home to the Center for Supply Chain Excellence.

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There is no company in the world that doesn’t require their operations and supply chain to successfully execute their strategy and deliver on their promises to their customers, whether they produce products, provide services, or both. Supply chain & operations management involves managing people, products, services, and processes from the end of supply through the end of consumption, including operations, logistics, inventory management, demand and supply coordination, strategic sourcing, quality management and control, and more.

Due to the broad and essential nature of the field, our SC&OM students have a wide variety of career paths, and work in exciting, fast-paced jobs upon graduation. To prepare our students to work in such a vibrant and diverse field, the SC&OM program systematically develops a contemporary curriculum and co-curriculums that provide students with a deep understanding of sourcing, logistics, and operations management principles and how these areas integrate with other business functions. The program emphasizes hand-on experiences such as simulations, mentorship, guest speakers, case competitions, and applied client projects.  SC&OM students are taught by faculty with real-world experience who have won numerous teaching and research awards. Experiential learning, client-based class structures, and real-world problem solving are important tools we use to shape our students into career-minded, successful individuals.


A recent study cited Supply Chain Management (SCM) as one of the three most important management practices for determining world-class performance. The SCM minor is designed to provide students with an opportunity to curate their own learning experience by adding supply chain & operations management literacy to their area of expertise. This minor will allow students to develop a broad understanding of the concept of supply chain management as a means to a competitive advantage in a contemporary global business setting. Students will also be exposed to various tools for integrating key functions across the supply chain, such as procurement , operations, and logistics.


SC&OM graduates work in a variety of industries and hold a diverse range of positions upon graduation. See all of the companies we work with, where our alumni are and what they do below!





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