Thematic Sequence

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Please note: You must visit our office and declare your thematic sequence. The sequence has enrollment limits. We recommend you declare your thematic sequence by the end of your sophomore year.

MGT 1 Dynamics of Human Behavior in Organizations

This sequence examines ideas, models, and theories that explain human behavior in organizations; it builds competence in critically analyzing factors that influence both human behavior and the capacity for the organization to achieve its objectives.

For more information on MGT-1, requirements, and complete course descriptions, please visit the Miami bulletin here.

Questions about the MGT-1 Thematic Sequence

If I enroll in the MGT-1 sequence, will I be able to get the courses I need?  
Normally, yes. Once you have obtained the MGT-1 coordinator's signature to declare the thematic sequence, you receive priority through Banner.  If you are not able to obtain courses during online registration, the business school conducts force-adds during November and April.

Is there a limit on the number of students in the sequence?
Yes. While the department would like to offer the thematic sequence to all students who are interested, we have limited faculty resources to teach the classes in the sequence. In order to maintain the quality of the courses, avoid overcrowding, and still assure officially declared students of ability to enroll in being able to get the courses they need, we must have limits.

Is there a recommended order in which I should take the courses?
You should take MGT 291 in your sophomore or junior year and MGT 414 and MGT 415 in your junior or senior year (preferably different semesters). It does not matter which course is taken first. 

If I enroll in a minor, will that satisfy my thematic sequence requirement?
Yes, assuming none of the courses in your minor are offered by the department of your major. Thematic Sequences must be completed outside the department of your major.