Supply Chain Semester Away/Abroad Opportunities

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Miami University Brewing Industry Field Study- Typically offered Winter terms, possibly summer

Must be 21 years old

SCM 490- Topics in SCM practice- Receive 3 credits towards SR. Level SCM elective

MGT 495- Executive Decision Making and Strategy- MGT 495- Receive 3 credits for business capstone


The Brewing Industry Field Study is a capstone, study-away program pairing two project-focused, highly experiential courses designed to help students integrate and apply a broad range of concepts in the business disciplines of supply chain and strategic management through an immersion experience in a large and dynamic industry. Students explore and apply principles from both of these areas through extensive experiential immersion in operating businesses and team projects focused on application to real organizations. All four of the Miami Plan pillars of engaging with other learners, critical thinking, putting learning into context, and reflecting and acting are highly integrated into our approach. This is facilitated through 30 hours of intensive small group  seminar-style classroom work over a the weeks  leading up to a 18 day long, Winter term, study away trip in which we visit over 35 related companies in the brewing industry. These include breweries, corporate offices, distribution centers, packaging facilities, farming and processing centers, commercial labs, and industry group headquarters.

MGT 302- Introduction to SCM

The introductory course is a core course required of all business majors. This is the SURVEY course in supply chain and operations management, and is intended to deliver the baseline knowledge in this area for general managers. We take a holistic, supply chain-oriented perspective to consider the ways in which the three core areas of supply chain management (operations, sourcing/purchasing and logistics) improve firm productivity and profitability. We will also consider how firms can successfully integrate these areas in order to achieve competitive advantage.  Some recent locations for this trip have included:

  • Argentina-Chile Winter Program, 2018, 2016- visited Mendoza, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.
  • Winter at Sea, 2018- Cruise that started with class on campus, visited several ports of call and toured the Panama Canal. Emphasis was on hospitality operations.
  • Australia Winter Program, 2017, 2015- Visited Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) and Sydney, Australia
  • Cuba Winter Program, 2016
  • Luxembourg Summer Program, 2013: at the Miami Dolibois European campus (MUDEC).


MGT 490- SCM elective seminar-

  • Australia Winter Program, 2018- Visited Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) and Sydney, Australia.
  • Sustainability in Australia Winter Program, 2017- Visited Cairns (Great Barrier Reef) and Sydney, Australia
  • Sustainability in Asia, Summer 2015- Visited Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing in China; Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan.