Miami Accounting Program (MAP) 2021

The Farmer School of Business
at Miami University
Miami Accounting Program (MAP)!

July 29-31 Virtual Camp
(Application deadline: 11:59 PM on Tuesday, May 25, 2021)

Accounting Firm Sponsors
Ernst & Young



Program Description
For several years, top accounting firms have recruited Miami University's best and brightest students. The Miami Accounting Program (MAP) is a camp designed to introduce top multicultural high school students to the accounting profession and to a college career at Miami University's Farmer School of Business. Miami Accounting Program will be a virtual experience. With this new virtual format, selected students will participate in the following activities:

  • Virtual tour of Farmer School of Business building
  • Q & A and networking session with Miami student chaperones- Free Pizza Included
  • Networking Session with Big 4 Accounting Firms and Farmer School of Business accounting Interns
  • Strengths Finder Assessment and Activity. Free Strengths book will be delivered to your home
  • Student Confidential- Chaperones discuss transition from high school to college, internship search, and leadership opportunities on campus
  • Professional development workshops and overview of accounting practices-Facilitated by accounting firms
  • How to apply to Miami/FSB-Facilitated by Miami's Office of Admissions
  • ACT study tips along with college essay strategies

And More!!

This experience provides an excellent opportunity to network with accounting executives, collaborate in teams, and develop communication skills! In addition, the Miami Accounting Program (MAP) will help students further understand how a quality education from a top university will help them to achieve their long term career goals. Not only will students learn more about college life and self-development, but they will meet other talented students from the Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus  and Cleveland areas.

Apply Today!
We encourage you to apply to this program if you will be a high school SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR OR SENIOR this coming fall 2021.  The accounting camp targets students from historically underrepresented populations or who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Students representing different ethnic/racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

A scholarship will be available to top performing seniors (must be a senior in fall 2021) participating in the accounting camp who apply to Miami University and FSB in fall of 2021 and are ACCEPTED as a DIRECT ADMIT Farmer School of Business student for fall 2022.

We also encourage students who are uncertain about business or accounting as a major to apply to this program. It is our hope that during the three days, you will learn more about college life, working in teams, and developing your interpersonal skills while learning more about the accounting profession. Please email Michelle Thomas or call 513.529.4236 if you have any questions.

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What year will you be this UPCOMING FALL 2021:

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Personal Statements help us become acquainted with you in ways different from courses, grades, test scores and other objective data. Statements demonstrate your ability to organize thoughts and express yourself. Please respond to ONE of the following prompts. Please limit your answer for the essay to a maximum of two pages double-spaced and indicate the question you chose to answer.

  • Tell us how you define diversity, what diversity means to you, and how you will contribute to a diverse college community.
  • What is something you are passionate about and how have you used that passion to make a difference?
  • As an emerging leader, what talents or strengths have you relied on most in your daily life?
  • What do you hope to learn at the Miami Accounting Program?