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What is the FSB Passport Program?

The FSB Passport Program is a comprehensive four year high-touch student success program for students beginning in their first year on the Oxford campus who have been accepted to Miami University and directly admitted to the Farmer School of Business. Passport targets talented students who have strong academic credentials and have an interest in studying business. Passport students will receive comprehensive academic support along with professional development and service-learning opportunities. 

What are the benefits of the FSB Passport Program?

Students enrolled in the FSB Passport Program will have access to the following resources and benefits:

  • Coaching and mentoring from the Director of Student Organizations & Diversity

  • Meetings with and access to FSB Dean and key leaders in the school

  • Peer mentors from FSB student organizations such as Multicultural Business Association

  • Individualized academic support through the Rinella Learning Center

  • Guidance from FSB academic, career, and study abroad advisors

  • Letter of Recommendation from the FSB Director of Student Organizations & Diversity

  • Passport-specific section for BUS 106 during the first semester

  • Access to the Passport Living and Learning Community

What is required of students in the Passport Program? 

Students enrolled in the FSB Passport Program will be required to complete the following:

  • Students must have an FSB major

  • Meet with assigned academic advisor each semester

  • Meet with Michelle Thomas each semester

  • Attend tutoring sessions for at least one course each semester

  • Attend faculty office hours each semester

  • Live in Passport Living and Learning Community
  • Participate in professional development opportunities such as:

    • Attend the Meet the B-Orgs event (Fall or Spring)

    • Complete an informational interview or attend a workshop

    • Join a student organization

    • Take a leadership role in the student organization

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

Contact Michelle Thomas (mthomas@miamioh.edu) for general inquiries.