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Student at filled whiteboard during Startup Weekend
 First Year Integrated Core final presentation to Fifth Third executives
 David Marshall talking with student at whiteboard
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What is the FSB Passport Program?

The FSB Passport Program is a high-touch student success program for first-year students enrolling on the Oxford campus for Fall 2020 who have been directly admitted to the Farmer School of Business and have opted into the Passport Program. Passport targets talented students who have strong academic credentials and have an interest in studying business. Passport students will receive comprehensive academic support along with professional development and service learning opportunities. Passport students will receive a $300 stipend per semester if they meet the Passport Program requirements.


What are the benefits of FSB Passports?

Students enrolled in the FSB Passport Program will have access to the following resources and benefits:

  • Coaching and mentoring from the Director of Student Organizations & Diversity

  • A stipend for active participants: $300 per semester

  • Increased interaction and access to FSB faculty and administration

  • Peer mentors from FSB student organizations such as Multicultural Business Association

  • Individualized academic support through the Rinella Learning Center

  • Guidance from FSB academic, career, and study abroad advisors

  • Passport-specific section for BUS 106 during first semester

Who is in the program?

Students are invited to the FSB Passport Program based on a holistic review process. In addition to a variety of support resources, students are provided with a $300 stipend each semester, pending that they meet the Passport Program requirements. 


Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

Contact Michelle Thomas (mthomas@miamioh.edu) for general inquiries or Emily Akil (emily.akil@miamioh.edu) for academic-related questions.