Student Experience

Group photo at CBL Leadership Day
Students shake hands at CBL case competition
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Year 1: Identifying Talent: Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Top FSB students who demonstrate leadership attributes as evidenced through various programs and activities during their freshman year will be invited to apply to enter the Isaac & Oxley CBL via its Buck Rodgers Leadership Labs as CBL Members. The attributes sought by the Isaac & Oxley CBL include being intelligent, conscientious, proactive, self-directed, authentic and intellectually curious. An emphasis on inclusive leadership and diversity among CBL members also are important considerations. These attributes are widely considered valid predictors of leadership excellence

Year 2: Exploring and Developing Individual and Team Leadership Competencies

During their second year, Isaac & Oxley CBL Members will enroll in two Buck Rodgers Leadership Labs. The culmination of the Leadership Labs is a weekend-long, team-based consulting simulation that will allow them to use and practice their team leadership skills. Upon successful completion of both Buck Rodgers Leadership Labs, CBL Members who exemplify the values of the Center will be invited to continue in the program as funded Isaac & Oxley CBL Fellows.

Year 3: Applying Leadership Skills through Engagement and Experience

During this year, students will pursue their intensive “deep dive” into leading an initiative within the Farmer School. These experiences will provide opportunities for actual leadership accomplishments. Isaac & Oxley CBL Fellows will benefit from exploring strategic thinking, communication, decision making, adaptability, conflict management, fostering accountability, crisis management, collaborative team skills, creative problem solving. Ideally, Fellows will shadow graduating senior CBL Fellows during the first semester of Year 3. Throughout their “deep dive,” Isaac & Oxley CBL Fellows will meet as a cohort several times each semester to discuss the challenges they experience in their roles. Collaboratively, students will problem solve common issues of leadership and discuss lessons learned from these experiences.

Year 4: Leading, Mentoring and Executive Leadership

Throughout their fourth year, Isaac & Oxley CBL Fellows will continue to lead based on the “deep dive” track started during the second semester of their junior year. In the first semester of their senior year, they will mentor a third-year incoming Isaac & Oxley CBL Fellow who will be working on the same or a similar initiative. Fellows also will take a corporate governance and executive leadership integrative course that explores critical and challenging issues that global board members and senior executives face when executing strategy.