Leadership Labs

 Students make presentation in Taylor Auditorium
Bob Johnson talks with attendees at a naming event
 Student watches speaker at CBL Leadership Day

Developing effective future business leaders requires more than classroom-based programs. The Isaac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership provides intensive leadership training focusing on developing both individual (Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab I) and team leadership (Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab II) potential of CBL members. Decades of leadership research clearly show that effective leadership looks different for each individual, and that the most impactful business leaders have an in-depth understanding of how their personality, values, and talent allow them to uniquely contribute to organizational excellence.

Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab I: Individual Leadership

This lab allows students in the early stages of their CBL experience to explore their own leadership approach through professional, validated leadership assessments (e.g. Strengthsfinder 2.0, Emotional Intelligence), discuss the importance of personal values in ethical leadership, and ultimately develop an understanding of their own authentic leadership. This lab is focused upon helping CBL members answer the simple, but challenging question: Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?. Upon completion of Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab I, CBL members will create a Leadership Development Plan based on their personal and professional leadership goals. 

Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab II: Team Leadership

This lab builds upon the knowledge of CBL members’ own leadership approach to expand their understanding of how they can work to create social capital in a team-based context.  Working in established teams and using award-winning team case simulations from the Harvard Business School, (e.g. Everest 2.0), students will practice essential elements of team leadership, including collaborative problem solving and decision-making, recognizing and building complementary skills, team accountability, and innovation. The culmination of the Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab II is an intensive team-based consulting simulation. 

Buck Rodgers Leadership Lab III: Team Leadership

This lab allows students who have completed the individual and team labs the opportunity to better understand how values-based, ethical leaders of organizations establish and implement strategy and culture so that employees can operate effectively to meet performance objectives. A key aspect of the labs is understanding how to effectively manage key stakeholders and effectively communicate with them.