Commonly Asked Questions

How do I connect to wireless?

How do I set up my email?

How do I reset my Miami password?

How can I get help with Canvas?

Virtual PC

See Virtual PC Info here.

Students Printing

There are two ways to print in the Farmer School of Business:

  • 1. From one of the computer labs located in FSB 2037 or FSB 2050.
  • 2. Print from your personal laptop.

Black & white and color printing are available at a pay-4-print station.  The printer is located in FSB 1009 which is on the first floor across from the Chaifetz Trading Center.

  • Where can I print in FSB?

FSB 1009 is a Pay-for-Print lab consisting of 4 workstations that students can print from. Students have the option to print to a black & white or a color printer. A Miami ID must be swiped in order to print.

ISA 235

  • What is the URL for the Oracle server?  It seems to keep changing.

The Oracle server can be accessed here

  • I forgot my password for the Oracle server, and I cannot figure out how to reset it.  How do I do it?  The links on the login page confuse me.

Oracle passwords can be reset here

  • I created an Oracle account but cannot log in to the oracle database.

Oracle does not accept special characters for use in passwords. If your Miami Password contains special characters they will not carry over when creating your Oracle account. Please email FSBHelp@miamioh.edu, and a password will be created for you.

  • I was trying to log in to my e-mail the other day, and I got a message that told me I had to change my password for my UniqueID.  I did, and now when I type in my new password for the Oracle server, it doesn’t let me in.  What do I do?

* Miami will never send an email asking you to change your password.

Changing your Miami password will not automatically change your Oracle password. You must use the original Oracle password or reset your Oracle password.

  • I’ve been trying to log in to the Oracle server for the last day, and it seems to be okay when I’m on the first screen, but once I click on the link to log in, I get a screen saying the server is not there.  I clicked on the link for help, but it just opened an e-mail screen.  What do I do?  I have a homework assignment due in the morning.

If you are unable to access the Oracle server please email fsbhelp@miamioh.edu or if during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, Call 529-4940 or visit us in FSB 2036.

  • I got logged in to the Oracle server.  My professor told me we were supposed to use the Northwinds database, but I don’t see any sort of list.  How do I load that database?

The Oracle server is a SQL command driven interface. You must input a SQL query before any output is displayed. Contact you professor for information regarding queries and syntax.

Faculty – Mobile cart

  • I am a faculty or staff member and would like to reserve a laptop. If the checkout laptop is not available, can I borrow a laptop from the Windows Laptop Cart?

No, FSB IT has one laptop set aside for faculty & staff use. Computers in the Windows Laptop Cart are limited to 20 units and must be available for classroom use upon faculty request.


  • I’m a faculty or staff member using Microsoft Outlook and cannot send or receive email.

In Microsoft Outlook, select the “Send / receive” tab and make sure the “Work Offline” icon is NOT highlighted. If it is highlighted, click it so it isn’t highlighted and your email will update. If the problem persists, please call FSB IT.

Student Web Server

  • I see a link on the FSB “Technology Resources for Students” page labeled “Student Web Server,” but when I click on it, it doesn’t give me any directions about what to do.  How do I learn about the steps for creating my own web space?

The “Student Web Server” link will direct you to a web page with another link where you can setup an account and folder structure for creating a web space. Please contact your professor for instruction on creating web pages for this web space.

FSB Labs 2037

  • On the FSB “Technology Resources for Students” page, there is a link that says “FSB Lab Hours,” but when I clicked on it, all it showed me was a list of some labs, some information about each one, and some pictures.  It didn’t list any hours.  How do I find them?

The link “Lab Hours and Exceptions” can be found under the information about 2037 FSB.


  • I’ve been looking at the FSB “Technology Resources for Students” page, and it doesn’t tell me how to get more help.  So I clicked on the page that just says “Office of Technology,” and it says to call 529-4940 or e-mail them or stop by 2036 FSB.  I’ve been calling since Saturday afternoon, and all I get is voice mail.  Their door has been locked all weekend.  When are they open?  When do they answer the phone?  The people at the university IT number (529-7900) just told me call 529-4940.

The IT office at FSB is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. Walk-ins and phone calls are welcome at this time. Requests can be sent to fsbhelp@miamioh.edu  after hours and during weekends.

Student Employment

Student Consultant

Students working for FSB will be responsible for several tasks. One shift you may be working as a lab consultant and the other may be as a student technician.

The goal is to hire students that are able to fulfill both duties while employed by FSB, Information Technology department.

As a Lab consultant, you will oversee computing resources in student labs within the School of Business. Consultants are expected to ensure students using the labs adhere to lab policies and assist users with basic computing functions.

Student Technicians assist FSB faculty, staff, and students with computer hardware, software, and Audio/Visual equipment. Technicians also assist the FSB Technologies Help Desk with answering phone calls.

Having a professional presence and attitude at all times is a must. Students must give the customer prompt and courteous response whenever needed. Clean, neat clothing is also a requirement of FSB student consultants.

Candidates should be very dependable, able to work independently, and have an interest in technology. A good understanding of software applications and technology used by the School of Business is a plus.

Please visit the university's Student Employee site for current opportunities.