Haim Kassa Gebeyehu talks to his class on the first day of school
Farmer School exterior in fall with changing leaves
 Students hang out in Forsythe Commons
 Looking down into the study nook at the bottom of the Taylor Auditorium stairs
 Jan Taylor teaches class in a Farmer School classroom

Detailed List of Contacts

Here you'll find a detailed list of contacts for every department in the Farmer School of Business for most situations. Click on each title to unfurl the accordion.


Academic Appeals/Petitions | Marti Kyger, 9-1712
Academic Misconduct | Department Chair
Approval for Excess Hours | Marti Kyger, 9-1712

Career Services | Nick Cattin, 9-0556

Change of Grade Approval | Department Chair and Barnali Gupta, 9-2856
Change of Major | Student Services, 9-1712
Curriculum Proposals | Department Chair

Graduation Check

  • Normal Cases | Departmental Advisor
  • Special Cases | Marti Kyger, 9-1712

Transfer Credit Evaluation | Dept. Delegate (check with Dept. Secretary)
Withdrawal (from University) | Marti Kyger, 9-1712


Academic Appeals/Petitions | Graduate Studies Advisor
Change of Grade Approval | Department Chair and Barnali Gupta,  9-2856
Curriculum Proposals | Department Chair 


Announcements regarding faculty and staff accomplishments | External Relations
Calendar and notices regarding upcoming events | External Relations
FAX - Incoming | Departmental Support Staff
FAX - Outgoing | Departmental Support Staff
Telecommunications | Departmental Support Staff
Wall Street Journal | Departmental Support Staff


Discrimination/Harassment | Marti Kyger, 9-1712
Furniture Acquisition | Irene Pierce, 9-1628 
International Programs | Kim Suellau, 9-1714
Keys | Irene Pierce, 9-1628 
Library Acquisitions | Departmental Committee Member 
Office and Classroom Supplies | Departmental Secretary

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Room Scheduling

Schedule classrooms through the office of the registrar.

Other Areas

Isaac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership | Megan Gerhardt, 9-4235; Brian Ballou, 9-6213

Dolibois Grant Information | Tim Greenlee, 9-1204
External Relations | Kirk Bogard, 9-4221
Faculty Development Support (Research and Teaching, Purchase of Data, Faculty Development Grants, etc.) | Tim Greenlee, 9-1204
Furniture Acquisition | Irene Pierce, 9-1628

Graduate Assistants

  • Routine Assignment | Departmental Graduate Advisor
  • Concerns | Judy McQuiston (MECO), 9-2836

International Programs | Kim Suellau, 9-1714

Keys | Irene Pierce, 9-1628

Library Acquisitions | Departmental Committee Member
Office and Classroom Supplies | Departmental Support Staff
Routine Personnel Matters | Tim Greenlee, 9-1204
Discrimination/Harassment | Marti Kyger, 9-1712

Keys and Building Access

Keys (office, desk, file drawers/cabinets) may be obtained from Irene Pierce, 9-1628. To accurately record and track key assignments, it is essential that everyone conduct all key transactions (returns as well as check-outs) via Irene or a Departmental Support Staff.

You should receive one key which will open your office door as well as the departmental office suite.

Your Miami ID card will also serve as your building access. You will only be able to access the building with your ID card.

Faculty Publications

In order to make publications more visible, display cases are throughout the Farmer School. Publications for display may be left with Megan Langhals in FSB 3075, 9-6114. 

Business Cards

Business cards are available through the University Purchasing Office. See Departmental Support Staff for details.


Upcoming Events are featured on the home page of the Farmer School’s website.

Please consult the Farmer School Calendar before scheduling seminars, speakers and programs.  To add an event, contact Megan Langhals (9-6114 or; the Miami Calendar with complete information on all university activities is located here:

Technology Support

The Farmer School provides internal support for computing needs. All requests for acquisition of hardware, software, and related items must be directed to your department chair. After departmental approval, requests are forwarded via e-mail or in writing to Joseph Koontz, Director of Information Technology For computer service and repair requests, contact the SB Help Desk via phone or e-mail (9-4940 or For more information regarding the SB Information Technologies Department, please refer to the technology website.

Server Backup

The primary reason for server backups is to be capable of rebuilding data in the instance of a server malfunction. At present, all FSB servers are backed up at 10:00 p.m. daily by MCIS. Each server back-up normally takes one to three hours, depending on how much information has been modified. The FSB server normally takes five to six hours; most modifications occur with files on this server. A full backup is performed once every three months and incrementally nightly (saving only files that have been modified since the previous night's backup). Warning: only three copies of a file are saved. (Example: If a file was modified last week on four different days, the first day's copy will be lost.) The backup is for all servers, including web.